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                             Dear Friends,                       culture, on page 67. The FEA Online Learning
                                                                 Suite provides an excellent opportunity for
                             Thank you! Your above-and-          school and district teams to learn, work, and
                             beyond commitment to NJ             grow together. Online learning can be more
                             students over the last 18           conducive to teams, as you will not need to find
                             months has been nothing             coverage for simultaneous absences in your
                             short of inspirational, and         buildings.
        as the 2021-22 school year launches, this
        dedication, collaboration, and resilience will           LEGAL ONE: LEGAL ONE continues to
        serve you well in these unprecedented times.             expand and elevate its offerings to include not
        At FEA, our singular mission is to support the           only live and pre-recorded online sessions and
        work that you do by providing a wide range of            webinars on the legal topics that you need
        professional learning offerings and leadership           every year, but also new series, certificate
        services that meet your needs.                           programs, and packages of complementary
                                                                 courses that, taken together, can lead to
        In this catalog, you will find offerings                 in-depth applicable knowledge of the most
        addressing many of the most critical issues              comprehensive legal issues. LEGAL ONE’s
        that educators are facing including learning             newest venture is the recent launch of the
        acceleration; diversity, equity and inclusion;           new LEGAL ONE Podcast, with new episodes
        legal education; assessment literacy;                    available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and
        leadership for learning; and social-emotional            Spotify every Monday.
        learning, wellness, and mental health. While
        we will remain virtual through January 2022,             PROFESSIONAL LEARNING SAVINGS
        we have significantly expanded the platforms,            ACCOUNT: Many school districts in New
        pathways, and formats for your professional              Jersey have already taken advantage of
        learning. Recorded, live, and interactive                the Professional Learning Savings Account,
        sessions are offered through such formats                through which they fund an FEA account at
        as synchronous workshops, webinars,                      $5,000 up front, and then use that money
        asynchronous online courses and leadership               throughout the year for the professional
        academies.                                               learning needs of their staff. Benefits of this
                                                                 savings plan include reduced pricing for
        FEA ONLINE LEARNING SUITE:                               all FEA and LEGAL ONE workshops, in-
        In addition to our current LEGAL ONE online              district workshops, and in-district coaching.
        course offerings, we have launched a new                 The FEA savings account is also a great
        suite of self-paced online courses addressing            way to streamline the approval process with
        the most relevant best practices, which are              your Board by having all school or district
        now available on the Canvas platform. You                professional learning costs approved at once,
        can find more on these online courses, which             until the $5,000 worth of programming is used.
        include topics such as social-emotional                  To learn more or sign up for the reminder of
        learning, culturally responsive practices,               the current school year or for the 2021-22
        special education, formative assessment,                 school year, please contact Emil Carafa at
        teaching and learning in a virtual environment,
        equity, anti-bullying, school climate and
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