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Ron Rowsell takes a look back to 1868 to the present – Looking forward to 2018...
A selection of photos from this season’s Youth XV.
Although Brecon RFC celebrated their centenary during the season 1979-80 the  rst recorded match in the Radnor County Times was reported on 21st March 1868. At that time the County Times was printed each Saturday and this report referred to a match played on 5th of that month. The report states:-
“Abergavenny v Brecon:- A match between the above clubs took place at Brecon on
Thursday the 5th inst., and resulted in favour of the Abergavenny team by one goal to none. The Abergavenny captain won the toss and the game started at 3 o’clock. Shortly after the commencement of the game, the only goal was obtained by a well-directed drop kick from the foot of E.G. Davies. The sides now changed their respective goals and at 4:15, when no-side was called, no other decisive advantage had been obtained by either side although the ball was frequently in dangerous proximity to the Brecon goal. Amongst the Breconians Cowan, Williams, Nolan and Morris were the most prominent, whilst the forward play of Hadow, Leeke and Davies on the other side is worthy of special note.
That report also lists the team of 12, three of whom were former Christ College Boys and they included the captain A.J. Williams, J.C.B. Morris and H.W. Davies.
The team was known as Brecon Town Football Club and like most Football Clubs at that time they sometimes played to rugby rules or association (soccer) rules, often only deciding on the day of the match. The game played on 5th March was undoubtedly played under rugby rules as indicated by the references to “no-side” and a “drop kick”.
The events leading up to the formation of the WRU is a story for another time but it should be noted that Brecon played a major role in that process. What is clear to see, however, is that by 2018 the Brecon club will be celebrating 150 years of rugby in the town. That is a major event and as we look towards and prepare for that anniversary, it would be good if we could gather together stories, photographs, memorabilia etc. So if any of you have any items or if you could jot down any stories or memories which you think would be of value, then please let me (Ron) or Andy know, so that we can gather and collate appropriate material which we may be able to use to create a History of Brecon RFC.

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