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The life and times of Brecon RFC Vice Presidents: ‘Frankly, it’s good enough to be locked up in a drawer...’
Brendan Cullinane Tim Davenport Garth Evans Trevor James
Rob Jones Graham Kendrick Rhobert Lewis Adrian Price
Ron Rowsell Yvonne Buck
Phil Buck
Peter Francis Colin Jones Andy Lewis Howell Rees Janet Rees
Viv Jones
Ian Kinsey Jonathan Short Phil Hoggarth Brian Price
Terry Barnes
Ian Matthews Ei on Morgan Ian Mitchell Howell Havard Howard Morgan Harry Evans Steve Shepstone Mark Heneghan Adrian Whittall Peter Jones
Glyn Lloyd
The collective noun for Vice Presidents is a succession. It is widely agreed that Brecon has a right old succession of VPs, but when Brecon’s Vice Presidents were called in to advise on Tom Hanks’s latest  lm there were few in the bastions of in uence and St Mary’s Bakery, who were surprised. For Illuminati read Brendan, Phil and Brian. For Da Vinci Code read the WRU Plate Competition Rule Book (both volumes) and for Band of Brothers read BRFC Vice Presidents in their entirety. The bridge in Tom Hanks’s  lm Bridge of Spies (2015) is an obvious allusion to Usk Bridge. There truly is nothing new under the  oodlights.
The motto of the Vice Presidents has been the subject of a vote. The popular motto ‘Who am I and what am I doing here?’, whilst entirely consistent with context, was judged to be too medical – we have only two medics within our ranks. The entry ‘Mine’s a Doombar ref’ was rejected on advice from our legal department. The suggestion to adopt the phrase ‘Have we left any VPs behind please?’ – a query directed at many a host on visits abroad (i.e. outside of Breconshire) - was rejected as being too realistic: we are still two VPs down after visiting Risca. Which leaves us with the winner and the entry heavily voted for by the Llandew sub-division: ‘Few are called and even fewer answer’. It’s probably something to do with hearing aids. Except that when the call went out to visit our friends in Merthyr RFC twenty three answered. The purpose of this visit had nothing to do with Brexit....but everything to do with reinforcing the excellent relationships that already exist between two of the founder clubs of the WRU: Merthyr and Brecon RFCs. The fact that Tom Daley played eight for Merthyr (see photo below) was icing on the cake. It was hospitality from the top draw: very Sharon-like and much enjoyed by all. And back in Brecon by 8 pm too!
Mention of company reminds me of the main purpose of the Vice Presidents: to help the club through good friendships. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Vice Presidents you will be assured of a warm welcome. The annual fee is £225. Please contact me at
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