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Non Skid Tape
Improves Footing on steps ladders and trailer frames Can be cut to shape and adheres to any clean dry non porous surface Durable in wet or dry conditions
Non Skid Tape - 0569
Anti-Slip Glow in the Dark Strips
Reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. Far safer footing on steps, ladders, ramps, boats, trucks, trailers, decks, and campers.
Anti-Slip Glow in the Dark Strips - 0570
Stay Put Clothes Hangers
Clip-on white clothes hangers prevent clothes from falling while travelling. 6/ pack.
Stay Put Clothes Hangers - 0571
Refrigerator Bars
Keep order in your RV refrigerator and cupboards during travel. Refrigerator bars extend from 16” to
28”. Comes in pack of 3.
RV Leak Repair Patch
Clip on Chair Table
Repair patch for tanks. roofs. or any surface where tensile strength is desired and flexibility is not essential.
RV Leak Repair Patch - 0584
Vinyl Liquid Patch
High strength Formula - Stronger than original vinyl Versatile - Use on all vinyl, leather & fabric (test first) Flexible - Weather resistant, waterproof formula won’t become brittle Clear - Resists yellowing. Matches all colors. 1 oz Tube
Vinyl Liquid Patch - 0588
Folding Kickstand
Clip on chair table designed to fit most recliners and chairs with “A” type frame. Provides perfect place to set a cup, plate or book. Installs in seconds with no tools. Made of durable plastic.
Clip on Chair Table - 0593
XL Clip on Chair Table
With IPAD/Tablet Storeage Clip on Chair table is designed to  t most re- cliners and chairs with “A” Type Frame. Perfect for your coffee, plate, book, mobile phone, IPad or Tablet. 392mm x 250mm
Refrigerator Bars - 0576
Folding Kickstand - 0586
XL Clip on Chair Table - 0598
Makes viewing your IPad, Phone or tablet a breeze by clipping onto your campchair or
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