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3/8 Gas Fuse
Suburban Hot Water Anode
Croc Bin
Croc Bin takes the hassle out of rubbish collection . Easily attach to tent pole or fix the Croc Bin to any solid surface with the attached bracket.
Croc Bin - 0611
12V/240V Volt Vacuum Food Sealer
Includes 5 x 8” pre-cut bags & 5 x 11” precut Bag cutter Removable drip tray 12V & 240V Operation, perfectly suited for while on the move Automatic and Manual sealing options 12v Vacuum Cleaner - 0619
The All In One Gas Safety Device
Magnesium Anode Rod to suit Suburban Water Heaters.
Reads gas level
in bottle and cuts off.
Suits all 3/8 Left Hand Cylinders
Ideal for camping bottles
3/8 Gas Fuse - 0618
Gas Safety Gauge
Quickly check for gas leaks. Never ‘run out’ of gas again! Auto Shut Off 100% shut off in the event of a major leak.
Gas Safety Gauge - 5585
Gas Safety Gauge with Lead
This is a great replacement product for a worn out gas hose. Suitable for most Australian ‘POL’ gas cylinders (typically used on your barbecue or outdoor patio heater)
Bulk - 5399 Blister - 5399B
Gas Detector
Vacuum Food Sealer Rolls
Wall hung detector for combustible and toxic gas detection, providing audio and visible alarming to alert you to take action. Fast response, reliable performance, long life expectancy, simple installation. 12/24v
Gas Detector - 0725
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Battery Powered - 9V
Hinged cover for easy battery replacement Lighted Power & alarm indicator
Electrochemical sensor
Available in continuous rolls allowing for almost any size to be fully or partially vacuum sealed
Twin pack rolls Available sizes: 8” and 11”
Vacuum Food Sealer Rolls 84” - 0620 Vacuum Food Sealer Rolls 11” - 0621
Boat Rail Pegs
25mm Plastic railing pegs to suite plastic and stainless steel caravan and boat railings. Qty - 10 Pegs
Gas Safety Gauge with Lead - 5586
Carbon Monoxide Detector - 0726
Boat Rail Pegs - 0622
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