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Plastic Jockey Wheel Receiver
Protects your jockey wheel from sinking into the ground.
Plastic - 0578
XL Rubber Jockey Wheel Receiver
Prevents jockey wheel from sinking in soft ground. Reduces the risk of movement when the trailer is not in use. Made from tough durable moulded rubber. Suitable for larger 8” & 10” pneumatic or solid jockey wheel tyres.
XL Rubber Jockey Wheel Receiver - 0605
Rubber Jockey Wheel Receiver
Heavy duty rubber jockey wheel receiver. Rubber Jockey Wheel Receiver - 0606
Happy Hook
Secure your awning by the roller tube. Attach Happy Hook to each end of roller tube, screw stakes into ground and adjust poly tie-down cords. Fully rotates awning tube to keep fabric taut without stretching or seperating from RV side wall
Happy Hook - 11440
Stack A Plate
Keeps plates tidy and features a non- slip base to keep plates safe.
Comes in a set of two Smaller size for plates up to 185mm Larger size for plates up to 260mm
Stack A Plate - 0596
Dual Microwave Plate Holder
A cool new elevated warming tray that lets you easily stack two plates in the microwave at a time.
Dual Microwave Plate Holder - 0597
Animal Warning Device
Double the sound! Comes with cleaner. Helps protect lives, wild-life, and property.
Animal Warning Device - 0601
Arm A Lock
This easy to fit, sturdy Hand Rail can be used for extra stability providing easier access and extra security on your caravan or motorhome.
It has a unique 3 position twin locking system, which can lock the handle open.
Arm A Lock - 0603
Folding Grab Handle
Simple “pinch to activate” NIKKI CLIP folding system. Push button locks handle securely open or closed.
Folding Grab Handle - 0604
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