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■ Can you you picture yourself in the position?
Under direction from the the Executive Director the the CFO supervises Finance staff oversees all financial financial aspects of our operations manages the financial financial planning budgeting accounting financial financial reporting and and financial financial analysis functions of CIS develops and and implements short/ long-term financial strategies fin in support of CIS’ mission and goals evaluates complex financing financing issues proposes and implements financing financing alternatives based on CIS resources priorities and goals provides CIS managers with policy guidance recommendations
and support on on key financial issues oversees investment investment advisors monitors investment investment portfolios for for compliance and and performance builds and and maintains strategic alliances with members CIS staff contract service providers and and affiliated institutions and and associations and participates as a a a a a a member of the Executive Team Why is CIS (Citycounty Insurance Services) a a a a great place to work?
• Opportunity to to make a a a positive contribution to to local communities • Interesting innovative work in in in a a a a collegial atmosphere
• Professional enthusiastic co-workers
• Work/life balance
• Excellent wages and and benefits including PERS retirement and and free parking

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