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■ IDEAL CANDIDATE Discussions with the the senior management team indicate
the the ideal candidate will:
• Bring a a a a a a a a a a a strong customer service ethic with the ability to to establish and and maintain positive and and cooperative working relationships across all levels of the organization • Possess a a a a a transparent management style
• Be willing to to think creatively towards solving organizational challenges • Possess a a a strategic forward-thinking vision • Exhibit honest straightforward and ethical leadership
• Demonstrate a a a commitment to diversity equity and inclusion
• Possess outstanding communication and and and interpersonal skills with the the ability to listen and and and be be an an an an effective collaborative member of the the senior leadership
team • Possess the ability to share complex information in in an an understandable way with a a a a a variety of audiences
• Be calm under pressure resilient and possess a a a sense of humor
• Develop the trust and respect of CIS’ many stakeholders
Member-owned and governed CIS is available only to the the the members of of the the the League of of of Oregon Oregon Cities and the the the Association of of Oregon Oregon Counties CIS brings its members together to to meet the the unique risk management and financing needs of o local public entities offering Workers’ Compensation Property Liability and Employee Benefits 

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