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• Budgeting – Development and presentation of an an an an an annual performance-based budget consistent with organization’s strategic planning monitoring actual performance against desired budget outcomes and dashboard indicators
• Accounting – Reliable accurate and timely processing of all financial transactions associated with organizational operations segregated by different program types
• Financial Reporting – Timely issuance of regular financial financial statements and ad hoc financial financial reports expertise in in fin fin in the application of generally accepted accounting principles
• Financial Management – Assuring the integrity of financial information and systems through appropriate oversight internal controls segregation of function and and and duties and and and more direct systems interfaces custody investment and and and protection of financial financial assets securing annual financial financial audits and actuarial studies
• Financial Planning – Participation on on on an an an an an an Executive Team to plan for and and implement policies and and improve decision making and and and and the execution of of programs and and and and projects through analysis and and and and interpretation of of financial financial and and and and non-financial information and business process improvements
• Financial Analysis – Presentation of financial analysis and and and projections cost identification and and and allocation revenue and and and expense analysis pricing and and other information and and advice provided in in in in response to scheduled environmental scanning (risk and opportunity assessments) or or or or specific requests from Board of Trustees Executive Director or or or or management staff
• Supervision – Hiring development development and evaluation of of Finance business unit staff
development development of of individualized work plans and annual performance goals for for staff
reporting to Chief Financial Officer

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