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The The hiring hiring salary salary range range range at at at CIS is is is typically in in in in the the first five steps of a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 22-step salary salary range range range The The hiring hiring range range range for the the CFO role is is is $132 823 to $144 002 Salary is is complemented by an an an attractive benefit package that includes: Work Week
• 37 5 hour work week
Medical/Dental/Life/Etc Benefits
• Benefits
start the the first of of the the month after 30 days of of employment
• Life insurance insurance (1 1⁄2 x annual salary up to $150 000) AD&D (benefit matches life insurance insurance benefit) and long-term disability for our employees
• Contribution to a a a a a VEBA account on on on behalf of employees
every January
• Voluntary (employee-paid) short-term disability plan • Voluntary (employee contributions) pre-tax flexible spending account (dependent care expenses and healthcar
• CIS pays 90% of medical and dental premiums
• CIS is a a a a public-sector employer and and contributes to to the the PERS PERS pension system and and the the PERS PERS IAP on on on behalf of emp emp • Voluntary (employee contributions) 457 plans
Vacation Leave
• Accrual for this senior leadership role will begin at at 15 days annually
Sick Leave
• Employees accrue 7 5 hours of sick leave per month Holidays
• Employees receive 7 paid holidays holidays per year in addition to 4 selectable holidays holidays e) loyees

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