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                   Good skin-care is inseparably linked to good general body care. When considering anti-
                   aging skin-care strategies, it is important to appreciate the degree of this connection, the
                   many internal and external variables that affect both elements, and the necessity of
                   adopting an holistic approach for the achievment of optimal results.

                   The body of literature addressing these concerns is vast and complex. What is presented
                   here is a very brief summary of some key information to serve the reader as a springboard
                   for his or her own inquiry and as a useful compilation of need-to-know material related
                   to general, as well as skin-care specific, anti-aging science.

                   From this knowledge, the basis of an informed and personalized anti-aging skin-care
                   program can begin to be derived. We start by considering the critical role of nutrition.


                                                                    Balanced nutrition is important for
                                                                    maintaining healthy skin. Mild
                                                                    deficiencies which can go unnoticed
                                                                    and not result in overt pathological
                                                                    symptoms can, nonetheless, impair the
                                                                    ability of skin to heal and renew itself.

                                                                    A basic balanced diet is a good place
                                                                    to start an anti-aging program,
                                                                    however, there are certain nutrients
                                                                    that need to be consumed in greater
                                                                    amounts than would be available
                   from a basic diet.

                   The reason why relates to the issue of systemic inflammation. Diets that promote this
                   reaction, or do little to suppress it, can lead to premature aging, along with a host of other
                   health problems, due to the associated increase in the level of free radicals that they evoke.
                   A balanced diet emphasizing a choice of foods having both anti-inflammatory and anti-
                   oxidant properties constitutes the best possible means of minimizing the risk of such

                   Prior to elaborating on this point further, and to serve as a framework for our subsequent
                   discussion, we present the following basic dietary tips as suggested in Canada’s Food
                   Guide.  Those wishing to learn more about the guide may access the entire document
                   through the Health Canada website at:
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