Page 10 - Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Booklet
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Of particular note in the list above is the recommendation regarding fruits and vegetables
                   as they are especially significant for preventing the premature aging of skin. This is
                   because they contain a host of potent anti-oxidants that are particularly important in
                   forming a first line of defence against both internal and external stressors.

                   In part because of these properties, fruits and vegetables should form the foundation of
                   the daily diet and they should ideally be consumed in as close to their raw state as
                   possible as heat can potentially inactivate many of their anti-oxidant components.


                   It is known that saturated fats can promote inflammation due to their tendency to increase
                   levels of circulating free radicals. Keeping saturated fat to no more than about 10% of
                   daily caloric intake, as is commonly suggested, would therefore seem to be a sensible
                   choice.  That said, however, it is important to resist blanket approaches to reducing fat
                   consumption as the very low-fat diets which may result can lead to deficiencies of
                   essential fatty acids and dry skin. A daily intake of between 20-35% of calories from fat
                   would more than suffice to avoid this risk.

                   Of the various fats from which to choose, the monounsaturated variety found in extra-
                   virgin olive and canola oils have shown to be the healthiest choice for cooking and
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