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   • Round, 2-1/2” sealed LED combination light functions as both clearance and side marker light when mounted on a 45 degree angle.
• 9-16 volt operating range, 9-32 volt for “-MV” multi-volt units.
• Available for grommet mount, or flush-mount or surface-mount flange
sonic welded to form a single unit.
Part Number Description
PET 163R 2-1/2” LED PED. MT.
• Amber or red lights functions as clearance, side marker or identification light and may be used as combination side marker and clearance light when properly mounted.
• Blue and green lights are for accessory use only, not for use as legally- required clearance or marker light.
• Features durable base with external mounting holes.
• Lens snap-locks onto base.
• Running-board light kit contains six lights, mounting hardware,
connectors and easy-to-follow instructions.
• “24” denotes 24-volt version.
• Includes single lead wire and grounds through mounting screw
PET 163R
     Part Number PET 107-15A PET 107-15R PET 107-3A PET 107-3R PET 107WA PET 107WR
Amber Repl. Lens,107-3A,104A Red Repl. Lens 107-3R
Amber Rect. LT W/ID Bar
Red Rect.LT/W ID ABR
Amber Mini Light
Red Mini Light
    • Acrylic lens features built-in reflector and precision optics for brilliant signal; no separate reflector needed.
• Includes durable, molded base with single-bulb socket and single lead wire; grounds through mounting screw.
• Available in amber or red.
• V108-15 contains two lenses per pack
   Part Number PET 108-15A PET 108-15R PET 108WA PET 108WR
Description Amber Lens Red Lens Lamp Assy Lamp Assy
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