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  106 Combination Two-Bulb Light w/Reflex
• Lens features built-in reflector and brilliant optics.
• Two bulbs for increased reliability.
• Molded plastic base and patented Vibar® socket absorbs road shock
and vibration.
• Grounds through mounting screw with single lead wire.
• Available in amber or red.
• V108-15 contains two lenses per pack.
119 Steel-Armored Clearance & Side Marker Lights
• Functions as combination side marker and clearance light when properly mounted.
• Acrylic lens guarded by 14-gauge, bright-plated steel housing.
• Can be spot-welded to side rails, truck bed rails, etc.
• Flat-back design mounts without disassembly.
• Includes single lead wire and grounds through mounting screw.
• Available in amber and red; blue and green for accessory use only
123 Cast-Aluminum Clearance & Side Marker Lights
• Flat back light functions as clearance or side marker light.
• When properly mounted, can also be used as combination side marker
and clearance light.
• Flat back design eliminates need for socket hole.
• Features 15,000-hour long life bulb and includes single lead wire.
• Grounds through mounting screws; available in amber or red.
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   Part Number
PET M106A Clearance Light PET M106R Clearance Light
Part Number
PET 119A Amber Armoured Steel Light PET 119R Red Armoured Steel Light
Part Number
PET 123A Armored Lite
PET 123R Armored Lite 124-15R
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