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  LED Stop, Turn & Tail Lights
 PET V418K-R
• Round, 4”, 36-diode LED light with full-lens design functions as stop, turn, and tail light. Operates from 9-16 volts.
• Reverse voltage protection prevents damage if misinstalled.
• New, hard-wire design eliminates need for separate plug and reduces connection points for greater reliability.
• “Skirted” weld joint provides added protection against road and weather conditions.
• 418 light is welded to flange to form single unit.
• 417 light comes without flange for use with rubber grommet.
• Does not require “Top” positioning to meet FMVSS 108.
   Part Number PET V418K-R
    4” round S/T/T
   PET M840 & PET M840L
 4.84” 123mm
• Combination LED stop, turn and tail light.
• Solid state construction—no bulbs to break
or burn out.
• 100,000-hour-rated life.
• Fully sealed, submersible construction.
• Potted circuity protects against moisture,
corrosion, and vibration.
• Lower amp draw than incandescent lights.
• Designed to directly replace 440-series
incandescent lights.
• M840L roadside light includes license light.
• Integral, dedicated side marker diode.
 4.75” • 121mm
Exceeds all DOT rear lighting and reflex requirements for trailers less than 80” wide.
77mm 51mm
Part Number PET M840 PET M840L
 Vercle Centerline 840L (left side) shown
 Light, Rear, Subm, Led
  Light, Rear, Subm,Led w/LIC.
Peterson Lights Electrical Trailer Parts Catalog

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