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          by Eric Mindling
                                          axaca Stories in Cloth includes
                                      O   more than 175 sensitive, inti-
                                       mate, full-color portraits of tra-
                                       ditional people of the Oaxacan
                                       hinterlands who continue to wrap
                                       themselves in the clothing that
                                       expresses their ancient, living cul-
                                       ture. Eric Mindling captures this
                                       world that is dying out with artistry
                                       and respect, and just in the nick of
                                       time. His book offers a window into
                                       a vanishing culture where few peo-
          ple have opportunity to go.

          Ashland resident Eric Mindling has traveled the backroads of Oaxaca,
          Mexico for over two decades. Oaxaca Stories in Cloth shows his love and
          respect for that dramatic geography and those who have made it their
          home. The full-color portraits of traditional people offer rare glimpses of
          Oaxacan village life. The companion vignettes are a beautiful blend of vil-
          lagers’ personal stories and Mindling’s praise song to cultural traditions
          of Mexico that are disappearing.

          The book is arranged as two beautiful and significant accounts. Living
          Threads records the villages where traditional dress is alive and evolving,
          and Last Generation presents those villages where the community fashion
          of generations will die with the remaining elders.

          Mindling is the winner of the 2017 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards,
          Gold, Multicultural, and the 2017 IBPA Benjamin Franklin  Awards,
          Silver, Art & Photography

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