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                                                                            C   O  M    MU      NI   T Y

                                                                  COQUI’S “COVID” GARDEN

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                     of Ashland’s premier                                                               neighbors brightened
                        55+ community.                            one couple’s lives. It is also an example of how life could look even
                                                                  after we return to “normal.”
                                                                  My wife, Coqui, is from Puerto Rico, and has always wanted a raised
                                                                  bed vegetable garden of her very own. Oregon’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe”
                                                                  order gave me the time I needed to create “Coqui’s Garden.” This gar-
                                                                  den project quickly captured the interest of our neighborhood. Each
                                                                  day neighbors filled wheel barrows, loaned me tools, and offered help-
                                                                  ful advice...all from six feet away! In our neighborhood, Covid-19 may
                                                                  have put six feet between us, but it has drawn our hearts and friend-
                                                                  ships closer together. ~Brad Parmenter

                                                                  COFFEE DRINKS HELP ACCESS

                                                                  THE HUMAN BEAN

                                                                                            n August, The Human Bean donated
                                                                                          Iapproximately 63,600 meals to
                                                                                          ACCESS  from  their  “Give Back
                                                                                          Tuesdays,” through which $1 from every
                                                                                          drink sold during Tuesdays in August
                                                                                          was donated. Due to the unprecedented
                                                                                          demand for food, rental, and utility aid
                                       A 55+ Community            assistance in our region during the pandemic, ACCESS continues to see
                                                                  needs grow among families and seniors.

                                                                  Because of their commitment to the communities they serve their goal
                                                                  was to provide over 60,000 meals—in one month. With that commit-
                                                                  ment, plus support and generosity from the community, they were able
                                                                  to exceed that goal. As they say, “Together we can make a difference.”

                                      857 Mountain Meadows Dr.    More recently, September 25 to be exact, The Human Bean locations
                                       Ashland, Oregon 97520      of Jackson and Josephine Counties donated 100 percent of beverage
                                           (800) 337-1301         and food sales to the ACCESS Fire Relief Fund. With sales and dona-
                                                                  tions, a total of $64,623.36 was raised.
                                                                  The Human Bean has a long history of partnering with local organiza-
                                                                  tions and giving back. They focus on building authentic human connec-
                                      Voted America’s Best by National Council
                                            on Senior’s Housing.  tions…with a bean on top.

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