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 Keynote Speakers
Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos
Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos is a renowned psychologist, author, speaker, and attorney in the United States. As a psychologist and attorney, Dr. Lorandos specialises in high conflict custody disputes and he is an expert in Parental Alienation. He has published extensively on the topic of parental alienation.
At the Family Violence Lost in the Fog Conference, Dr. Lorandos will be discussing issues surrounding evidence-based law and expert witness testimony in cases of parental alienation. He will also discuss when alienating behaviours become a criminal matter.
Dr. Randy Rand
Dr. Rand is a prominent forensic educational and social science consultant who developed the Family Bridges Workshop. He has published in the area of parental alienation and worked with child abduction cases. He is the director of administrative services for Family Bridges Workshops.
At the Family Violence Lost in the Fog Conference, Dr. Rand will discuss the origins, intellectual roots, and history of Family Bridges, the workshop he created more than 25 years ago to assist unreasonably alienated children and adolescents to live with a parent they claim to hate or fear. The workshop has two primary goals: 1) helping children adjust to court orders that require them to live with a parent whom they have rejected, and 2) alleviating children’s alienation and teaching them how to think critically and maintain balanced, realistic, and compassionate views of both parents.
Dr. Rand will discuss the role of abduction recovery cases in the design and evolution of the unique methodology of the Family Bridges workshop. The principles and procedures of Family Bridges, while grounded in well-accepted scientific research, represent a paradigm shift from traditional psychotherapy with alienated children. Dr. Rand will discuss the rationale for the workshop’s educational and experiential methodology, and the key pitfalls to be avoided by therapists who conduct the workshop.
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