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 Professional Practice Presentations
Recommendations for best practice in response to parental alienation
Presenter: Mandy Matthewson
This presentation will provide an overview of the research pertaining to legal ad therapeutic interventions for parental alienation. Research evidence points to Parental alienation requiring legal and therapeutic management to enhance family functioning. Changes in custodial or residential arrangements in favour of the targeted parent coupled with therapeutic interventions The essential ingredients of therapeutic interventions will also be provided. Furthermore, a coordinated approach from therapists and legal practitioners is important in resolving parental alienation.
Counsellor Beware: Therapy within the context of parental alienation
Presenter: Susan De Campo
In my eleven years of tertiary study, I was not specifically taught about the vagaries of working with high conflict separated couples and their children. I also had not heard about parental alienation before I had embarked on working with families experiencing this. Unfortunately, I have gained much of my knowledge about parental alienation and working with high conflict separated couples the hard way. In recent years, as a family therapist, Regulation 7 Family Consultant, director/owner of a supervised contact service and a children’s counsellor, I have undertaken a great deal of “reunification after estrangement (or attachment disruption)” work. Through the use of case studies, I will present what I have learnt about working with families experiencing parental alienation and how this knowledge has influenced my practice. I will also discuss the need for practitioners working in this field to be well equipped to do so. Practitioners who elect to work in this area ought to be experienced in child, family and relationship therapy and have a sound knowledge of the dynamics that underpin alienation and abduction, coercive persuasion; have a sound knowledge of forensic psychology and family law and know the criteria for differentiating between bona fide abusers and alienating parents.
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