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Amy Ralls – Tracy Titus –
TShowulsdtoyromu replace telephony with chatbots?
From Sunshine to
TPx Launches UCx SmartVoice Hybrid
advertisers. in their advertisements, nor do they advertisers. in their advertisements, nor do they
Operations Manager & Assistant Editor
assume responsibility for statements or opinions assume responsibility for statements or opinions
no responsibility for statements made by no responsibility for statements made by
Unified Communications Solution
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he way we communicate with our recovery. Hosted telephony services are via quickest way to communicate; the average person
etLhOerSnAetNinGtEerLnEeSt o-rTaPcxo,ntvheergperdefimbirerbroadband typiseps a38rt-4o0f wthoerdUsCaxmpilnauttfeorcmom, TpaPrxedcaton 125-175 calls to email and now website live chats. There’s Natasha Bougourd, Lead dantannoeutwncoerkd.the launch of UCx SmartVoice, I t t o ’ s o e s l s s e – n i t n i a c l l u t h d a i t n , g w mh e o n b i i t l e c o c ma l e l i s n t g o , i n s t a n t
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EWP Protects Your Electronics! (
no getting away from the fact that you need a Applications Writer at TSG aHhoysbterdidteUlenpifihoendyCsoeemsma turnadicitaiotinoanlsmethod of comemsusnaigciantigo,nvmidetohcoodns foerecnucstionmg,earsn,d
way for customers to quickly and easily contact support)
y o u , b u t w i t h s o m a n y m e t h o d s a v a i l a b l e , w h i c h
should you choose? over a human for an immediate answer, and 21%
cosomlumtuionnic.ation brought into the 21st century
w i t h U c C l o x u S d m h a o r s t t i V n o g i , c m e a i s k i a n p g o i t w m e o r f r u e l e S s s I P e n t i a l t h a n e t v r e u r . n N k o i n t g o n s l o y l u d t o i e o s n t e t l h e a p t h o e n n y a b c o l e m s ma b u n u i s c i a n t e i o s n s ptrovimideplceumstoemntearsnwaidthvathneceodppcorlltaubnoitryatoion hpavlaetrfeoarlm-timwhe,iltewkoe-wepayincgotmhmeiurneixciasttioing, it also pProBvXidheas radpwearsroeninabplelaecxepfeorirevnoceicfeavsoeurvreicdebsy. mTahniys. “hybrid” approach allows for a more
g W r a h d i l u s a t l l i mv e i g c h r a a t t i h o a n s t h o i g c h l o c u u d s t - o b m a s e e r d s a s t i e s r f a v c i c t i e o s n l e a v n e d l s ma n a d x c i mu s i t z o e m s e i n r s v a e r s e t wm i e l l n i n t g s t a o l r b e u a y d f y r o m m a d e a i c n h o a n t b - o p t r , e i m m p i s l e e ms e i n n f t r i n a g s t t r h u e c s e t u s r o e l u . t i o n s shouTlhden’Ut cCoxmSematatrhteVeoxicpensseervofictelsepehnodnsethe coPmBXm’suvnoiciacteiotnras.ffiAccovredrintghetoctohnenOeffictcieonof Ntahtaiotn’saal lSrteaatidstyicisn, p90la%ceofoUrKdahtoau,selhimolidnsahtainveg inttheerneeteadccfeosrs,smepeanrainteg 1a0c%cestsilflodrovno’t;icheo.w else wTilhl ethbousesipneospslewciollngtaicnt yVouIP? features
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s e u e s i e n r g s g . r D e a y t n r a e ms u i l c t s b , t a e n l e d p w h i o d n t y h i a s l s l t o i l c l a a t h i o i t n w i t h cuadstjoumstesrsb.eAtwGeoeonglveosticuedyanfodudnadttahats61% of coenmsupmloyeresegse’tcianlltionugcphawttitehrna sbuflsuincteussavteia. phone wheWnhthaety’s’rme roeraed,ystioncpeurUcChaxsSe.mAadrdtiVtioincaelly, for urgent queries, a phone call is undoubtedly the
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c o t n h s e u m S I e P r e d n e mv i r a o n n d ms , b e u n s t i n t o e s c s r e e s a m t e u s a t f n e o a t t o u n r l e y - harviechancomnlimneupnricesaetniocne,sbsuotlbuetiaovnaiwlaibtlhe ato speak toroenlilainbelewuhseethr erxtpheart’isevnicaeaasnupdpuonritfoagremntdoianl live chpatlaonr.chatbots. The concern around the latter is that c“hWatibthotUsCarxeSstmillaervtoVlovinceg,aTnPdxthiserneofowreawbloen’t b e t a o b s l e e r t o v e a n b s u w s e i n r e a l s l s c e u s s t w o mi t h e r a q n u e e e r i d e s f , o w r h b i o c h t h cohuoldstleadveUtCheamndfrSuIsPtrtartuedn.king by providing
h o b w e e t v w e r e , e s h n o t u h l e d n t w’ t c o o . mI t e w a i t l l t a h l e s o e x p p a e v n e s e t h o f e w a y telfeoprhtohnesceobmumsiunneiscsaetisonto. Hsmosoteodtthellyepmhiognryate witlloaallofuwllybucslionuedss-ebsatsoesdavUeCmaoanSesyolnutihoins trainditihoenfaul tsuolruet,i”onsa, tidhaJnakms tieo Mthienenreard,iVcaictieon of caPperexsciodsetsnatnadndbuhielta-idnodfisTaPstxe’rsrUecCoxvelirnye. Dofigital trabnussfoinrmesast.ion, the use of technology to improve procUesCsexs,ScmusatortmVeoriceexpisernieonwceavanadilaubltleimtoately prsoufiptapboilrityy,iosuarchSiIePvtarbulenikninsgormeaqnuyirwemayes.nts.
B y T a o d l o e p a t r i n n g m a o m r e i , x c o o f n t r t a a d c i t t i y o o n u a l r a T n P d x m s a o l d e e s r n cormepmruensiecnatiaotnivteoolrs, cloudF-obramseodrpehionnfoersmysatetmiosn,,bvuisiintewsswcwan.trpexsp. ond tocoumsto.mners quicker and more efficiently whilst saving money rather than increasing outgoings. n
Chatbots and online live chat are considered the would even buy from one.
most modern communication methods, with live It’s clear that businesses can reap significant
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h g o o m i n e g j u a n s t y t w o h o e k r e o u a n t y o t n i me e s o o n . E v i d e n c e h a s
osfhoouwrnanthaalot,gwEhWenPutilised effectively, chatbots
hceoims cmhuanigciantgiotnos.aWVohIaPt’s more, 61% of customers
sewrovuiclde pacrotiviedlyerc.hThooese to interact with a chatbot
Viking unit was still fully
rewards by implementing these digital-first communication tools, but they shouldn’t come
at the expense of the more traditional solutions. All businesses must be available on the phone
for customers who have urgent queries or for those who still prefer phone calls. However, many businesses are operating on outdated telephony systems, still dependent on ISDN despite its unreliability and the news that it will be retired in 2025. In response to the ISDN deadline, a number of businesses are making the move to hosted telephony.
F o r t h e u n i n i t i a t e d , h o s t e d t e l e p h o n y i s a cloud-based phone solution which eliminates the need for telephone system hardware. One of its key benefits is lower costs due to no capex and no maintenance costs thanks to built-in disaster
  6 Steps for Successfully
functional even after
10+ years of service in
 that salty air.” – Greg
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Yocom, Senior Engineer
mitigate these factors, the installation of sound
UDeploying UC Systems
paneling, sun shades or other room modifications might be necessary to get the most out of the UC tecahndoltohgeynyuosuearetipfircoivaildiintge.llIingeandcdeittionidteontthifey phaynsidcarlescpoamcem, tehnedcotrmaipnainygcaureltausrethsahtowulodublde coninsicdreraesde,epmarptliocuyelaerleyffigcivaecny.rBemeyotnedteblewinogrking emapcloynetesnhtarveecodmiffmerendt nateieodnsetnhagninleo,cAalIlycan woprrkoinvgidemepmlopyloeeysee–sfworitbhoctharaeuedriaodavnicdev,ildeeto conthsiedirermataionnasg.ersknowifthey’reapotential
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at Viking Electronics
Viking products with Enhanced Weather for tough applications like ocean beach
by Ansley Hoke, Vice President,
 Protection have a circuit board that is potted
properties, swimming pools areas or in
ScanSource Catalyst (https://
in urethane or thermoplastic. The potting
parking garages. Door and gate entry phones
material won’t crack in cold weather, it
that are exposed to the harsh elements can
AI speeds up the process of looking for trends in data points, which allows
thbeusiunrersosuensdtoinrgeeancvtifraosntemr.eOntr,espvecni,fiicninthdeustry nceaesdes,oofrsoremguelmatoarcyhihnuerdlelaersnthinegy’allpnpeleicdatoiojnusm, p thproeudgicht?wWhahtiltehceubsutosminerssmshaoyusladydthoebyenfoeered a panrteicvuelnatropcrocudrusc.torservice,workwiththemto findAthgereraigthetxsaomluptlieonoffothritshiesirthspeeccoifinceinpdt uosftry aAndI awsosirsktacnutlstuirne.enterprise communications,
sApencailfiyczaeltlhyeinenthvieroenmmpelonyt:eThe devoeffilocpemstreunctture isrejuaslmt a.sBimuspinoertsasnest agsathertedcahtnaolnogtyheiniruse. Wemheptlhoeyreietsb’ epreocdhuocestiivnitcyoannfedrepnecreforomomansc,elo, ud open office layouts, or bright windows, the office space can present significant challenges. To
providesnpirfioetdectoiomnmauganincastimonosis(UtuCre)and anlsaovibgaetpinrgotehcetsedtewcihthnoElonghiaens,cbeudtWatetahtehenrd
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nsulator.pIrnogcroenssjuinctthieonlaswtidthectahdee,pdoettvienlogping coWmep’lveetepUutCEeWxpPertoienthce itsestthwe oitnhlythmeeasure of
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aoncdcvasoilounmalelycfoanlltrsohloprtoitns.pAradcdtitcieo,naoltgbaesckaeutse forf the tsepcehankoelro, gmy,icbuatnbdefcacuespelaotfethmeaakpepEroWacPh, cionmstpalilatniot ntoaanndIsPu6p6porratisntrga.tegy.
CThuestUomCemrsatrrkuesttpVroikvidnegs’saEdWizPzypinrogdaurrcatys of products, all with different specifications and capabilities. Many resellers are well-versed in
twohsiele tbhueilvdidnegol,osyeaalrcuhstfomr “eVrsikinintgheEpWroPc”esosn. customer needs: Talk to your
cuFsotormeorsre- iwnhfoartmdoatihoenyorneaVllyiknineegd’s?EIWs itP, vaisisti:mhpttlpesa:/s/swtawywin.gvickoinngelcetcetdroanidcsb.ocomsti/nng
productivity, or are there other considerations, such as long-term growth goals, concerns with
predict outcomes of their actions given the
data inputs provided.
           Even Better Together.
A powerful combination of industry-leading audio and video conferencing technology makes remote collaboration easier and more natural than ever before.
CS-700 Video Sound BarTM
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