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   6 Telecom Reseller September/October 2018
 ION SAL Gateway 3.0 Coming Soon (April)
                                  ION Networks is an API Technologies Corporation brand.
One Appliance – 3 Options
1. Support for SAL Gateway 2. Avaya Diagnostic Server 3. SAL Policy Manager
Plug & Play Installs in 10 minutes
No Linux expertise required
PRIISMS secure access for Avaya partners
SAL Gateway 3.0 with ION Virtual SAL
Gateway appliance
• OS Support for updates and patches
• Secure OS
ION SA5600-SAL is available through the AVAYA Select Products program.
ION Networks
120 Corporate Blvd
South Plainfield, NJ 07080 Phone: +1 908.546.3900
Fax: +1 908.546.3900
Email: w w w . a p i t e c h . c o m
     Stop Unwanted Robocalls
Unwanted robocalls have gone from a nuisance to a serious problem:
• There were 3.4 billion robocalls in April 2018—the biggest month ever.
• The Do-Not-Call list isn’t working.
• Perpetrators are neighbor-spoofing with fake caller IDs to trick
people into answering their robocalls.
• Robocalls are filling carrier networks, yet call completion rates are down because people aren’t answering their phone calls—higher costs, lower revenues.
Robocall Solutions
TransNexus software provides several methods of preventing robocalls from flooding your network and bothering your customers:
• Robocalling fraud triggers
• Targeted pumping triggers
• Reputation service
• Blacklisting to prevent neighbor-spoofing
• Customer-maintained blacklists
• Shield database of high-risk numbers
• Secure Telephone Identity (STI) using STIR/SHAKEN
For information about these robocall prevention capabilities, visit our website at or email
About TransNexus
TransNexus is a leader in developing innovative software to manage and protect telecommunications networks. We have over 20 years' experience in providing telecom software for least-cost routing, billing support and prevention of telecom fraud and robocalls. For more information, visit our website at
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