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What your room color says about you!
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You’ve probably heard the saying, “If these
walls could talk .... ”Your
paint choices might be doing just that. Paint colors can
be a window into who we
are. Want a glimpse into a homeowner’s personality? Note not only the color, but the shade, the saturation
and the brightness of that color. What do introverts and extroverts want? Extroverts generally prefer brighter, more saturated colors. Introverts, who may process the colors better, tend to favor lighter or softer shades. Extroverts may gravitate toward colors that are considered energizing, like reds, while introverts may opt for hues with a relaxing vibe, like blues and greens.
Homeowners who enjoy more unusual shades
-- those colors you can’t easily name -- could have a high need for uniqueness. Going beyond the neutrals? Consider the big picture. Check out what your favorite paint colors could be saying.
Yellow is associated with the sun, no matter
what society you live in.
It’s associated with a sunny personality. It’s a happy color, and that’s how someone who uses it wants to be perceived. The folks drawn to yellow tend to be sunny, happy people.
Oranges tend to be warm, but a little more
reserved than those who are going full-blown yellow.
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