2-6-17 Disclosure & Reply 3-6-17
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From: Paul Brown-Constable studio@graffiti.biz Subject: Mitre House - Appointment of a Manager Affair_3
Date: 3 June 2017 at 15:35
To: Leoni-Sceti Maria mleonisceti@gmail.com
Cc: Leigh-Pemberton Christopher clp@sw12group.com
Please find attached as the courts direct I should do, (from correspondence received this morning) my reply as ever by return.
I still cannot believe that you two are in sympathy with Michele after your involvement in her previous fiasco, the RTM affair?
This time it’s far more serious financially, as the RTM could only to have lead to her insistence on having Agents she can further abuse, but no way will an appointment of a Manager of the calibre and cost of a Maunder Taylor be - i kid you not, Quarterly Demands will rise from £650 to £2000 overnight and that’s why both she and Maunder Taylor have not advised anybody yet despite requests to do so!
Your only benefit will be I’ll sell up and move to terrorise some country estate in Slovakia no doubt, as no way could I afford £8000 in demands to live above a parade of shops opposite McDonald's.... it’s farcical in the extreme.
Betcha Michele has not got the faintest idea of the consequences nor cost - if indeed she even cares!
PS I am only copying/including Mr Leigh Pemberton as he has recently been in contact but who is not to date, as far as i know, a co-applicant like Mrs Leoni-Sceti, nor indeed is any other lessee to my knowledge.
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