17_Begg 11-5-16 to PBC to Begg OCR_11-5-16 (5pp)
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Paul Brown-Constable Esq; Flat 7, Mitre House
124 Kings Road,
London SW3 4TP
11 May 2016
Dear Mr Brown-Constable
Mitre House Management Limited
PFC Begg
9th Floor
Metro Building 1, Butterwick Hammersmith London W6 8DL
Tel: 020 8846 2705
I apologise for the delay in acknowledging receipt of your letters dated 16 and 27 April and 10 May 2016 (together with attachments).
Many of the points you make simpiy sidestep the issues I have raised, or are unrelated to them.
Many (in your opinion), but not all. It’s the “not all” that matters and require intelligent response.
Or contain further invective against Mrs Hillgarth of a sort for which you previously saw fit to apologise.
Hardly – any invective is simply the proven evidence as to her untruths and innuendos. My apologies were made for two or three inappropriate phrases which in the circumstances were probably justified.
In the circumstances I have no intention whatsoever of indulging you in a comprehensive re- sponse, or achieving some kind of equivalence in terms of length, as you appear to expect.
I don’t expect anything more than an admission of untruths proven otherwise?
Nevertheless there are a few key points which should be made:
1. You demand to know why your initial (but hastily withdrawn) offer to courier the (14) invoices to me did not receive a response. The answer is that I was in bed with pneumonia and Mrs Hillgarth, who had no means whatsoever of knowing the offer had been made, was (genuinely) in the Sahara desert. I hope that answers your question.
I think it already established I’d answered it for you a month ago in correspondence.
You now parade this initial offer to courier the invoices as tantamount to having sent them. But you withdrew the offer before receiving any further correspondence from me such as might reasonably have caused you to change your mind. And now you appear to be seeking legal advice to avoid producing them at all. I think this volte-face deserves explanation.

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