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    up to date DAPP boosters offers as close to a guarantee of preventing disease from those disease agents as can be obtained. Are some of those student animals immune for life after their puppy series? Probably. Can anyone guarantee that lifelong immunity will develop in every pup? Absolutely not.
Lacking perfect knowledge, sometime we have to choose the safest error. The chance of the reader’s dog becoming ill from a DAPP booster vaccination is very, very small. Keeping the booster updated according to the vaccine manufacturer’s recommendation is the safest “mistake” we can make.
Hope this helps,
Dr. Michael Trapani
Bodega Bay Veterinary Hospital
Pesticide Use Near Schools
The Gazette is to be commended
for having the gumption to write this valuable story. Sonoma enjoys the distinction of being one of the most agriculturally polluted counties in California and this information needs to be far more broadly disseminated. The mainstream media barely wants to report on these essential matters
- why? We are being inundated
with toxic chemicals on a daily
basis - health is our only wealth, yet mosy folks blindly continue down the path of chemical denial. And the commenter above is also clearly a schill for the pesticide lobby! -
Boogie Brew
Emergency Funding to
Please watch the documentary “Seattle is Dying”. They reveal a successful solution to the problem that is being implemented in Maine with great success. The homeless are people with addiction and mental problems. We need to
Poses Potential Health Risks
   House the Shelterless Split Up
focus on getting them housed, yes, but also they need doctors help.
I didn’t like the attitude of being embarrassed shown at the beginning of the documentary. While I do believe it is embarrassing for a city to have a lot of homeless, it is not because of the eyesore, but because we are neglecting this vulnerable population. - Terese Butterfield
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