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    Climate Change
politics. He is a team player and gives appropriate credit to others, The Roseland Annexation, after years of failed attempts, and Chris’ work on SMART are good examples of his ability to work with other governments.
Dear Editor,
I read with interest your cover story,
Can We Change Climate Change? I share your writer’s fears for our planet!
What if we tax polluters, and you get the money? That’s the idea behind HR 763, the Carbon Fee and Energy Innovation act. Today, we the people pay for our garbage, but carbon emitters do not. Let’s change this.
His thoughtful temperament and sense of humor are well suited to the job. Chris does his homework and he listens. He has also shown he is able to make the tough decisions on difficult issues like the homeless problem.
 H.R. 763 would charge a fee on producers of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, based on their carbon dioxide content. The fee would start at $15
per ton of CO2 equivalent, and would increase annually by $10 per ton. Of course the fee would be passed on to consumers, but that will send a strong price signal to make energy efficient choices. Solar, anyone? How about a Bolt?
One reason to support Chris is
that his only agenda is to make the community better. These are hard budget times for the county. From public safety to mental health services to environmental values, we trust Chris to make the right call.
And because the money will be distributed back to the people as
a monthly check, they’ll have a dividend to spend on those cleaner options.
We have been there and know
the pressures of the position. We believe that Chris Coursey is the most capable candidate for 3rd District Supervisor and recommend you vote for him.
Supervisor Ernie Carpenter (ret) 479-2232 - Sebastopol
Supervisor Janet Nicholas (ret)
  HR 763 is built to reduce emissions at least 40 percent in the first 12 years, and 90 percent by 2050, while creating 2.1 million new jobs.
935-0223 – Sonoma
What can you do? Tell your congressional representatives you support a carbon fee and dividend program. Sure, in CA our reps are good guys, but they need to know they have the backing of their constituents to champion this issue.
887-7258 – Forestville
Can we change climate change? Yes we can!
Supervisor Mike Reilly (ret)
Supervisor Mike Cale (ret)
888-4931 – Glen Ellen Supervisor Jim Harberson (ret)
769-0842 - Petaluma
 If you want to get more directly involved, you can join Citizens’ Climate Lobby, citizensclimatelobby. org.
Junk Science
Lin Marie deVincent’s piece on cell phone towers (Sonoma County Gazette, May 2019, p. 9) could only have been written by someone who is completely ignorant of the physics involved. The only significant radiation in a cell phone system is the radiation from the user’s phone itself, as towers are much farther away -- and radiation intensity falls of as the square of the distance from the source. Human anatomy is not affected by cell phone radiation because of something called the skin effect: except for the outermost layer, skin is a fair conductor of electricity, so radio frequencies are either reflected or absorbed and do not reach the inner parts of the body.
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 Mary E. Davies
 To Third District Voters
It’s time for a change.
As former members of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, we are impressed with Chris Coursey as a candidate for the board. His maturity and level-headed leadership as Mayor during and after the tragic fires speak well of his effectiveness and genuine care for the community.
Chris has always been focused on solving problems rather than playing
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