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Dear Readers,
   If you need a reminder that you need to “Stop and smell the roses,” having people you know die will do just that. Last week, my wonderful neighbor came home from work to find her husband had died while she was gone. Diabetes took him in a lightening flash. He simply wasn’t feeling well in the morning. Nothing alarming. By night we was no longer in our lives.
Sudden death strikes home with the same impact as emergencies. Life is one way then suddenly, it’s taken a whole different direction. These are the alarms we hear that make us take a look at our own lives to make sure we are prioritizing well.
Did you tell someone you love that s/he is appreciated and valued?
Did you look at the sunny warm day and tell yourself to get out for a walk,
to lift your head from work and breathe deeply?
Did you call your friend to make a date to share time?
Last week I attended a Town Hall for Disaster Preparedness, then went to
another meeting on Map Your Neighborhood (full article coming in July) to make sure we are all ready - together - for the next BIG ONE.
Some things should not be put off until“tomorrow.”
FUN is one of those activities that needs to move up the priority list. It may seem frivolous, but frivolity is part of the joy if being human.
 Elisabeth DeGoff poured many hours of her time and creativity gathering information for our Summer Concerts and Car Shows calendars. Then she made them attractive so you would be inspired to cut out those pages and put them where you can use them throughout the summer.
  Her artwork won the Gazette an award at the CNPA Newspaper competition, by the way, for our Holiday Calendar. We don’t fit into any of their categories, so it’s a challenge to receive an award. CNPA only has categories for News Weeklies and News Dailies.
Our mission at the Gazette is to inspire people to actively participate in community life, so our CALENDAR has expanded over the years to include every activity you can imagine so ”you will never be bored again!”
If you have an event, benefit, class, etc. (Under $25 for a FREE listing)‚ POST it to our website calendar and if we get it by mid- month it will get into our print edition. We want you to HAVE FUN! Enjoy the company of others...& LIVE WELL!
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