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into public lands and streams.
Why should children suffer and die
The Pros and Cons of Pet Vaccinations:
Consider that under a 1980s
federal law, vaccine manufacturers are IMMUNE from direct lawsuit,
so if they make a mistake and
your child or pet are harmed you cannot sue them directly and hold
the maker accountable. Also, they
are publicly traded companies, so they are under intense pressure
every quarter to cut corners to
keep profits and therefore stock prices from falling .. so executives don’t get fired. This combination of immunity from lawsuit and stock market pressure has caused a huge current push to increase vaccine schedules for all. When i was a kid, we had about 13 doses of vaccine.
The mandated schedule in CA is
now 69 doses by age 18 ... and no
max so they can add more. Keep in mind that there are preservatives
and adjuvicants (boosters) in the vaccines. For more information,
see led
by attorney RFK Jr, who was a lead attorney for Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) before being convinced to look into the toxins in vaccines.
Kristina Boudreaux
Parent, pet owner, organic farmer
My 4.5 yo Aussie received all the vaccines that are normally given as age appropriate. My current vet does not believe in giving the distemper every three years because he says after the first round of shots they are immune for life. However I want
to do agility trials and the training center said she needs one every
three years. Is there any research to support either of these views?
I’m sure a diligent researcher can find evidence to support either of those views. I look at the question differently: Can anyone find compelling evidence that repeating the DAPP (distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvo) vaccination once every three years causes substantial harm? I think not. With only rare exceptions, literally millions of dogs have received this vaccination on a 3-year booster schedule without demonstrated risk of harm.
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   The “” web site is simply a collection of crackpots. The only legitimate study found in a Google search related to effects on animals of radiation at intensities hundreds of thousands of times higher than that of cellphone transmissions.
from asthma and have to watch their parents die from cancer just because you do not like the look of solar cells?
An advantage of 5G technology is that, with towers much closer to users than those presently used, the radiation levels will be much lower: you don’t need as much radiated power if your communications are over a shorter distance.
Contract goat ranchers for fire control of our hills. Maybe, just a maybe, our children’s children will see Salmon spawning in our creeks and wildlife diversity in our hills again. Most likely not in the tens of thousands before cattle arrived but it is a start.
Robert A. Saunders.
We could become the gold standard for modern ranching technology, creating additional jobs, tax revenue and fire control.
 Remembering Elinor
Under natural conditions, one inch of topsoil can take 500 years or more to form. Soil is essential to human life. Not only is it vital for providing most of the world’s food, it plays a critical role in ensuring water quality and availability; supports a vast array of non-food products and benefits, including mitigation of climate change; and affects biodiversity important for ecological resilience.
Dear Editor,
The Friends of Jenner Creek (a
committee of the Jenner Community Club) has established The Elinor Twohy Memorial Environmental Fund with the intention of inventorying and permanently preserving the archive
of historical papers and memorabilia collected by Jenner resident Elinor Twohy, who died March 22, 2019. Our project has the blessing of Elinor’s family.
These roles make soil essential to modern life. Thus, it is imperative that everyone—city dwellers, farmers and ranchers, land owners and rural citizens alike—take responsibility for caring for and investing in our soils.
 The last 50 years of Jenner history are a model of local environmental activism and protection. We hope to use Elinor’s collection to help carry us into future as this little piece of the coastline faces new threats in this perilous new century.
James Brian MacDonald
 Those who would like to make
a tax-deductible donations to
the The Elinor Twohy Memorial Environmental Fund may send a check to Jenner Community Club, PO Box 1, Jenner, CA 95450 made out to JCC with ‘Elinor Twohy Memorial’ written in the memo section of the check.
My name is Mike, and my wife and I live in Camarillo, CA, On Wednesday April 24th 2019 my wife Nicole was putting back a shopping cart in a Trader Joe’s parking lot. One of the cars in the lot was slighting off center in its parking space, exposing the concrete wheels stop. She tripped over it and fractured the Femoral Neck of her right hip. This required emergency surgery and (3) screws into her hip.
Carol Sklenicka
Concrete Wheel Stops
  Topsoil & Fire Protection
These things are dangerous! In most cases these stops are the same color as the parking lot surface and can make them hard to see, especially at dust or night. Over the last (3) years, I also have twice tripped on one. Fortunately, I was not seriously injured. As Nicole has been talking to people about her fall, she is finding that everyone she talks to knows someone who has falling due to these wheel stops!
Dr. Michale Trapani’s response:
 Grazing of goats when properly done and in combination with patch burn and graze will stimulate plant and animal diversity; build topsoil; help with fire control.
4 - - 6/19
I feel that a bill should be introduced to the California State Assembly to paint them in a bright color, repair damage ones or remove them completely. Failure to do this should make them responsible for injuries and subject to fines.
Citizens are concerned about fire control yet county practices support destruction of our streams and topsoil by grazing of cattle to provide very little meaningful fire control.
There is a win-win scenario:
 Goat meat and dairy is becoming a very lucrative industry. Low interest loans to ranchers to make the conversion, paying back taxes and damages, construction of slurry ponds with solar cells above it, (a condition of loan) to control runoff
I intend to contact my state representative, Jackie Irwin.
In the reader’s circumstances, where the agility training center needs to be sure that no harm will come to any of its students, requiring
Mike D’Amore

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