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“While moving wasn’t our choice,” says Sam Marsh, ce Chair of the organization’s Board of Directors, “it has
The Bird Rescue Center Works To Make New Facility A Reality
   The Bird Rescue Center (BRC), located in Santa Rosa, is determined to turn lemons into lemonade. For
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much of its 43-year history, BRC has been housed on County property—property that is now being sold.
presented us with an incredible opportunity to create a center
thru Dec 31 ~ Luther Burbank Experiment Farm in Sebastopol ~ Call for Volunteers Our mission is to keep the legacy of Luther Burbank alive. Free, Wed 9a-12p, , 7781 Bodega Ave, Sebastopol, 707-829-2916,
Jun 2 ~ Russian River cleanup, Cloverdale Show your love for the Russian River in an area chronically impacted by littering & roadside dumping Free, 10a-12p, Cloverdale River Park, 31820 McCray Road, Cloverdale, 707-843-2484, Casey Carr,
Jun 3 ~ A Matter of Balance Volunteer Coach Training ~ Help older adults improve balance and reduce the risk of falls and injuries from falling. Free, 8:30a-5p, County of Sonoma Human Services Dept Adult & Aging Division, 3725 Westwind Blvd., Santa Rosa, 707- 565-5936,, mob@
Jun4,6,8,11,13,18,20,25,27~ Community Work Day - Volunteers help weed, mulch, plant, and maintain this special park and community garden. Free, 9a-1p, 10a-1p, Andy’s Unity Park, 3399 Moorland Avenue, Santa Rosa, 707-565-7888, parks. Community-Work-Day-2019-06-04/
Jun 7 & 20 ~ Stewardship Workday at Riddell Preserve - LandPaths will provide necessary tools - feel free to bring your own if you have (such as loppers). Free, 9a-1p, 9a-1p, City Corporation Yard, 550 Westside Road, Healdsburg,
Jun 8 ~ Healdsburg Ridge Trail Team - Orientation for New Trailkeepers - The trail team is ideal for those who enjoy using the trails, love to get outside and have fun. Free, 2p-4p, Healdsburg Ridge Preserve, Healdsburg, landpaths. event.jsp?event=1928
Jun 8 ~ Stewardship Workday at the Fitch Mountain Preserve - Stewards maintain the trails, preserve natural resources, meet new people. Registration required. Free, 9a-1p, Fitch Mountain Preserve (meet at Villa Chanticleer Dog Park Parking Lot), 908 Chanticleer Way, Healdsburg, landpaths/event.jsp?event=1902
Jun 10 ~ Ceres Community Project Volunteer Orientation - Looking for Kitchen Mentors, Food Prep, Container Sterilizing Team, Garden Mentors, Delivery Angels. Free. 6pm-7pm, Ceres Community Project, 7351 Bodega Avenue, Sebastopol, 707-829-5833,
Jun 15 ~ Adopt-A-Highway, Guerneville/Monte Rio - Clean River Alliance has adopted this stretch of road and conducts a monthly cleanup. Free, 9a-12p, Bia Cafe on Northwood Golf Course (Meet location), Monte Rio, Peter Morton, cleanriveralliance. o r g /n e w - e v e n t s - 1/2 0 1 9/6/1 5/a d o p t - a - highway-guernevillemonte-rio
Jun 15 ~ Cleanup Santa Rosa Creek, Prince Memorial Greenway - We’ll be getting the trash out of our beautiful waterway along the Prince Memorial Greenway. Free, 10a-12p, Meet at Olive Park by the footbridge, cross streets West Third and Railroad Ave, Santa Rosa, Robin Factor, cleanriveralliance. org/new-events-1/2019/6/15/ cleanup-santa-rosa-creek, robin@
Jun 16 ~ Adopt-A-Highway, Hwy 101 Cloverdale/Hopland - Adjacent to the Russian River, remove trash & debris from the roadside. Registration required. Free, 10a-12p, The Rock Shop (meet up location), 17951 Hwy 101, Cloverdale, 707-322-8304, Chris Brokate, e v e n t s - 1/2 0 1 9/6/1 6/a d o p t - a - h i g h w a y - hwy-101-cloverdalehopland
Jun 19 ~ Pond Stewardship Workday at Rancho Mark West - We will be removing several invasive species near the pond at the preserve. Free, 9a-2p, Rancho Mark West, 7125 St. Helena Road, Santa Rosa, landpaths. event.jsp?event=1897
Jun 21 ~ Stewardship Workday at Bohemia Ecological Preserve - Day of Stewardship at the stunning 1,000-acre Preserve. Registration required. Free, 9a-1p, Bohemia Ecological Preserve (meet at Quarry Road Entrance), 6773 Bohemian Highway, Occidental, landpaths/event.jsp?event=1912
Jun 30 ~ Last Sunday Cleanup, Piner Creek, Santa Rosa - A vital fish-bearing tributary that is heavily impacted by illegal dumping and homelessness. Free, 10a-12p, Piner Creek Bridge on Coffey Lane (one block from Piner Road), Santa Rosa, cleanriveralliance. org/new-events-1/2019/6/30/last- sunday-cleanup
 that really supports the work we do.”
That, as it turns out, is an understatement. BRC’s current facility is
a WWII Quonset hut with no heat or air conditioning, where lab equipment is squeezed into a corner of a storeroom; incubators are separated from the food prep area only by a plastic curtain; a cramped exam room doubles as a make-shift surgery; and where they wage an ongoing battle against rats to protect baby bird patients.
Despite that, the organization that treats approximately 3,000 sick, injured and orphaned native wild birds each year has an impressive 80% success rate. They also have a far-reaching education program that connects with over 47,000 children and adults each year. Their message about the importance of the local avian population to the environment and the impact humans have on those populations has been delivered to schools, senior groups, service organizations and attendees at local festivals and events.
The response from the community since their need to relocate became public has been extremely positive. In fact, a local benefactor has stepped up to donate 2 acres of the former Washoe Golf Course in Cotati, leasing it to BRC for a minimum of 34 years at just $10/year, including utilities.
 In addition, two local architects
are applying their talents pro bono to design the new hospital and education facility. Offers of donations and discounted services and materials from professionals in the construction field have the organization hopeful.
While BRC is licensed by both
California and Federal Fish & Wildlife,
the organization receives no tax dollars
or funding from the government.
They rely 100% on memberships and
donations. “We are used to working
on a shoestring budget and getting
exceptional results in less than ideal
conditions,” says Marsh. Those
competencies are now focused on
a capital campaign to fund the new
facility. “We have the location,” Marsh
continues. “Now we need the money to build. The support we’ve received so far is a strong indication that our community is behind us and understands and appreciates the work we do—that the tens of thousands of birds we’ve given a second.”
Time is not necessarily on the organization’s side, however. BRC has been working with the County to extend its stay, most recently receiving an extension through October 30th. As the County reviews bids for the property, the exact time BRC will have to vacate is still unknown. “Our hope is to be able to stay where we are until the new owner is ready to break ground,” says Ashton Kluttz, BRC’s Executive Director. “The property will have to be rezoned after the sale and environmental impact studies will have to be completed. We just hope that will be enough time for us to complete construction and move into the new facility.”
Until the design is complete, it’s impossible to come up with an exact budget for the new facility. The organization is looking to use a pre-fab metal shell, then build-out the interior. “A pre-fab metal shell,” says Marsh, “is most economical— plus it allows us to custom design interior space.” The current estimates for permits, materials and construction are between $600,000-$750,000.
 To help BRC, you can become a member or make a donation via their web site: You can also reach Sam Marsh at sam@
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