Page 111 - Language is an Intangible Bridge
P. 111

  pavle and I have been talking a lot about non-anticipatory aesthetics. like conversations. We’ve been having these tangential conversations and then taking notes, which for us is dancing. pavle recently placed our book on their site, on a page with
the title dancing writing in the expanded field of queer critical practice. for us the collaborative work of dancing talking and writing are utterly entangled. we also developed some manifesto provocations – of course not as rules, more as containers for understanding practice. The thing about containers is that they provide useful edge limits that you can resist or find comfort in, as you wish.
translation accidents as sites of emergence
falling out of your time zone
the humble wealth of ordinary materials, of doing less
to undo the sleeves of the discipline with the quick unpick of touch grain of material/ granularity of feeling
The half-formed idea. The return of the idea that never left. dwelling in the dual/ duel
distributing skin, expanding the containers of touch
voice to pigment to line to [ ]
voice as touch, touch as atmosphere
can I balance on a metaphor?
all gets taken seriously/ all gets taken lightly
non-anticipatory aesthetic anti-proprietorial language non-binary poetics
phrases that create their meaning through resistance...
to speak the experience of moving is no less moving than moving
the purpose of an instruction can be to make a space to resist the instruction

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