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BlueNoteFraternal Order of Police

                        Official Publication of the North Carolina State Lodge

Volume	3,	Issue	32	  	  	                   	 	  																	 																						March/April	2018	

Will Washington Support Police?                                                                  Inside This Issue

                                                                                                 Chaplain’s Corner 3

                        By Dennis McCrary - NC National Trustee                                  BlueNote Information

The National FOP just completed its Day on the Hill Program in Washington on Feb-                and Submission

ruary 14. State President Randy Hagler is Chairman of the Grand Lodge Legislative Com-           Deadlines            3

mittee and that committee is the primary sponsor of this event. NC State FOP Treasurer           Upcoming Events

Chet Effler, Vice President Bobby Gaddy and I attended this event on behalf of the State         from Immediate Past

FOP. Also, Scott Gerson from Lodge 9 and Roy Taylor from Lodge 67 joined us in the               President            7

visits to our members of Congress and our two Senators.                                          Information from
                                                                                                 Secretary’s Desk 7
The event began on February 12 with a presentation by Chairman Randy Hagler, FOP

National President Chuck Canterbury and members of the FOP Legislative Office in

Washington. We were provided material to                                                         Treasurer Folwell

present to the elected officials we were go-                                                     Reports 13.5% Return

ing to meet with and talking points to use in                                                    for Pension Plan in

our meetings.                                                                                    2017                 9

Starting the morning of February 13 we                                                           FOP Leadership
                                                                                                 Matters Training 9
began meeting with our NC officials repre-

senting us in DC. Our NC FOP delegation                                                          Update on 25 Year

divided the meetings between us and was                                                          Retirement           11

successful in meeting with either the

elected official or their representative from                                                    Durham County
                                                                                                 Lodge 2 Activities 13
10 of our 13 officials in Washington. We

were well received by each of the legisla-                                                       Picture from Lodge
                                                                                                 41 sponsoring the
tive offices but time will tell how success-                                                     Cary Academy
                                                                                                 Robotics Team 13
ful we may have been. A feedback form          NCFOP	Delegation	resting	between	meetings	
was completed for our FOP Legislative

Office documenting the positions, if any, that the legislator had on our priorities. Members     Trivia!              15

of the FOP Washington Legislative Office will follow-up with those legislators that indi-

cated they may support our positions to hold them to their word.                                 Fraternal Order of
                                                                                                 Police Auxiliary 15
Included in this issue of the BlueNote is a list of the four Grand Lodge priorities that

were presented in our meetings. We also asked the legislators to please support legislation

to make targeting a law enforcement officer for assault to be made a federal crime. There        Status of the “Blue
                                                                                                 Alert” Program 17
has been no legislation introduced as of this date that would make this law but it is ex-

pected that such legislation will be introduced in the near future. Additional material that     Peace Officers
                                                                                                 Memorial Day
we provided to each legislator was a detailed list of bills that are currently being considered  Ceremony Flier

in the House or Senate that are supported by the FOP. Also a list of bills that we do not                             22

support was provided. The legislators were asked to please consult this list on any legisla-

tion that involves law enforcement officers to see our position. We requested that on any

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