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“In considering all of the evidence, a strong case can be made that wood is the most environmentally benign material available to society today. Thinking needs to be redirected to consider not how to reduce wood use, but rather how to increase its production and use
while also ensuring forest sustainability for the long
—JIM boWYer, HeAD, DePArtMent oF ForeSt ProDUctS, UnIverSItY oF MInneSotA
*Forest Products Lab - U.S. Forest Products Annual Market Review and Prospects, 2006-2010
Softwood lumber consumption in the U.S. decreased by 28.6 percent comparatively between the first two quarters of 2008 (37.4 million cubic meters) and 2009 (26.7 million cubic meters).
Percentage of wood Use by Market
ood products has paced with population, about 68 cubic feet per year from 1987 - 2006. Yet our harvest is less than
our consumption.
consumption (%)

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