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placement and and removal of artificial grass dressing and and and coco-matting at at the grave site site leveling leveling tamping re-grading and and and and sodding sodding the the the grave grave site site and and and leveling leveling and and and re-sodding the the the grave grave as the the the earth settles Can we dig our own grave to avoid the charge for opening and closing?
The actual opening and closing of of the the grave is just one one component of of the the opening and closing fee Due to safety issues which arise around the use of machinery on on cemetery property and the the the the protection of of other gravesites the the the the actual opening and closing of of the the the the grave grave is conducted by cemetery grounds personnel only Why is is having a a a a place to visit so important?
To remember remember and to be be be remembered are natural human needs A permanent memorial memorial in in in a a a a a a a a a a a a cemetery provides a a a a a a a a a a a a focal point for remembrance and memorializing the the deceased
Throughout human history memorialization of of the the dead has been a a a a a a a a key component of of almost every culture Psychologists say that remembrance practices from the funeral or or or memorial memorial service to permanent memorialization serve an an important emotional function for survivors by helping them bring closure and allowing the the healing process to begin Providing a a a a a a a a permanent resting place for for the deceased
is a a a a a a a a dignified treatment for for a a a a a a a a a a loved one’s mortal remains which fulfills the natural human desire for memorialization What happens when a a a a cemetery runs out of land?
When a a a a cemetery runs out of land it it will continue to operate and and serve the community Most cemeteries have crematoriums and some historic cemeteries even offer guided tours In a a hundred years will this cemetery still be there?
We think of cemetery lands as being in in in in perpetuity There are cemeteries throughout the world that have been in in existence for hundreds of years How soon after after or how long after after a a a a a a death must an individual be buried?
There is no law that states a a a a a a a specific time time frame for burial Considerations that will affect timeline include Page - - VANDER PLAAT-CAGGIANO FUNERAL HOME VANDER PLAAT-CAGGIANO FUNERAL HOME - - Page 15

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