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Choosing a a a a a a a monument can be be an an overwhelming process - but one of our dedicated staff members will guide you through There are several considerations when deciding how to memorialize a a a a a a a a a a a a loved one An important starting point are knowing the the rules and and regulations required by the the the cemetery cemetery as each cemetery cemetery can can vary widely and and can can be quite specific Our team will will guide you you through this Once the the regulations have been determined you you you will will be be able to make selections in in size color of granite and designs which are allowed on on your cemetery plot CEMETERY LETTERING
If your plot has a a a a a a monument installed on on it already Memorial Arts
of o of Ridgewood offers expert cemetery lettering to to add add the the name date and additional words of o of endearment to to the the existing monument We can match any lettering font and and and style and and and will take precise impressions of the the monument monument to match size spacing and and and placement on on on the the monument monument Fax: 201-652-2215
www memorialartsridgewood com VANDER PLAAT-CAGGIANO FUNERAL HOME
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