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Memorial Arts
Memorial Arts
of o Ridgewood Ridgewood located in in in Ridgewood Ridgewood NJ across from the “Duck Pond” has been creating everlasting tributes to to loved ones for over 55 years We offer custom designs and and serve all faiths and cemeteries Our staff is is is here to to help you you you you through this difficult time We will patiently assist you you you you and answer all all of your your questions to to ensure all all your your needs are are met whether they are are pre-need or at at need need need Memorial Arts
of of of of Ridgewood is is is a a a a a a a a proud member of of of of the the Monument Builders of of of of North America which is is is a a a a a a a well-regarded association comprised of of of of businesses in in in the the memorial industry Granite Benches Granite Memorial Cleaning Bronze Refinishing Urns
Bronze Scrolls Bronze Plaques
1172 E E Ridgewood Ridgewood Ave Ridgewood Ridgewood NJ 07450
Tel: 201-652-4301 Email: memartsridgewood@aol com Page 16 - - VANDER PLAAT-CAGGIANO FUNERAL HOME

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