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 Princess, or A-Line
This style has a fitted bodice and hips with a skirt which gently flows outwards to become full at the hem. This design is perfect for making brides look thinner and for those who have a pear- shaped figure and/or a short waist. Those with a full hourglass figure may be best avoiding a Princess style.
Column, or Sheath
As its name suggests, this design is quite narrow from shoulder to hem and fits the figure quite closely everywhere. This type of dress is best suited to slimmer brides, although it can look flattering on an hourglass figure if you want to make the most of your curves.
This shape is reminiscent of Jane Austen heroines, a high waist and gently flared skirt which is much narrower overall than the Princess or Ball Gown. Slimmer figures may suit this style best, although it is also good for disguising wide hips and making shorter brides look taller.
Somewhere between a Mermaid and a Princess cut, this style flares from the mid-thigh area into a fuller shape than the mermaid tail. Small-waisted brides will find it accentuates their figure beautifully; those with an apple or pear shaped figure are probably best avoiding it, however.
Ball Gown
Imagine Cinderella’s dress when she goes to the ball; this is exactly the silhouette of a Ball Gown dress. The bodice is fitted but the dress begins to flare at the waist and continues, like the Princess, to a full skirt at the hemline. This shape looks best on tall, full- figured women. Shorter brides and those with a less generously proportioned figure may look somewhat ‘lost’ in this style.
This is a less common style; the dress
is quite figure hugging until just below the knees where it flares out in a similar way to a mermaid’s tail. It is quite unforgiving if you have any problem areas you wish to disguise so is best suited to quite slim figures.
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Tea, or Ballerina
This classic style usually ends mid-way between the knee and ankle. Most often having a full skirt, it can be ideal for just about any shape or size. This style has a 1950s feel, so could be perfect for vintage themed weddings.
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