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 Wedding Planning Guide
When ordering the dresses, ensure you allow enough time to have any alterations done. A few extra weeks before the actual date should give plenty of time, but speak to the staff who will be doing the work to check. If there is any doubt about what size somebody needs, it’s always easier to take a large dress in than let a smaller one out.
 Remember, bridesmaids are generally expected
to pay for their own dress, so perhaps
a gentle reminder about this could be timely. Remember
this yourself, too, and take their budgets into account when choosing their outfits.
Should your attendants have a wide age-range, consider a colour theme but with differing styles to suit younger and older attendants. If you have many different skin-tones or hair colours to try to suit, perhaps choosing one style in different colours could be an option too.
If you select strapless, one shoulder or halter-neck styles, make sure everybody has a suitable bra too. Stray straps on the wedding photos aren’t something you will be wanting to see.
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