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Blooming Beautiful Ideas
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Flowers are a beautiful complement to your wedding day; from small, elegant buttonholes to spectacular focal arrangements for your reception, but don’t rush into
any decisions before deciding what you need.
The colour scheme is obviously important so your florist knows which shades to work with, but if you’re undecided it’s a good idea to begin deciding on the shapes and sizes you will need so your floral provider has an idea of where to begin designing. If you do have a colour scheme in your mind then take some swatches, photos or other items – such as you might use for a mood board – to show the florist what you are thinking of. Another thing which will need to be taken into account for the design is your wedding style - Vintage, Sophisticated, Rural - make sure the flowers fit the theme of the overall day.
After working out how many buttonholes, corsages, posies and bouquets you need for the wedding party, think about what you really need for the venues. If you are getting married in a church with sumptuous stained-glass windows, then too many flowers may not be necessary – perhaps a couple of simple arrangements with some candles or other appropriate additions would be more suitable. Discuss this with the celebrant; they may well have seen many different weddings at your venue and can advise of what looked best.
For the reception, if this is at the same location as the service then the larger arrangements could be moved from the ceremony to the dining area to get maximum use out of them.
Likewise with any bridesmaids’ posies – these could be designed to be placed in vases and re-used as table centrepieces. Although flowers are an expensive part of the occasion, with a little careful planning you can get the best value possible for your budget.

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