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DAILY                                         Begin your day with Davening (prayer) from the
SERVICES                                      heart in a warm, comfortable environment.

          MBeincoyamneaaire                   SERVICES BEGIN
                                              7:30am Monday-Friday, 9:30am on Sundays

                                              Enjoy a cereal breakfast after services. Start your day
                                              with a quick Torah boost. Join us for ten minutes of
                                              Mishna study following Minyan each morning.

                                              Join the Living Torah Bagel Brunch held
                                              every Sunday following services.

                                              Daily Minchah / Maariv services 15 minutes
                                              before sunset

KASHERING YOUR                                                 MEZUZAH &
KITCHEN / TEVILAT                                         TEFILLIN BANK
                                                     Guys, Gals, need a Mezuzah for your dorm
Moved into a new apartment / house and need         or apartment? Guys, need a pair of Tefillin?
assistance Kashering your kitchen (making it
Kosher)? Visit and                                     We can hook you up! for more info.       Contact Rabbi Levi at

                                                                   To get your own Mezuzah visit:


The Shalom Staiman Eruv encircles the Binghamton
University campus, off campus housing, the Marriott
Residence Hotel and adjacent areas in Vestal.

An Eruv needs to be inspected weekly to make
sure it is fully operational. Sections of an Eruv can
be impacted by the elements and may need to be

For a map of the Eruv and its weekly status visit: or to receive SMS alerts to
your phone text bueruv to 84483

To join the Eruv Checking Committee visit:

4 Rohr Chabad Center I 420 Murray Hill Road I (607) 797-0015 I
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