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BE A PART OF IT                                     Serving pizza with a large variety of toppings,
                                                    fresh soups, falafel, knishes, pretzels, salad,
CHABAD CAFÉ                                         fries, and more.
THE METROPOLIS DELI                                 FREE ON-CAMPUS DELIVERY
                                                    on Thursdays with a $10 order minimum.
                                                    Orders must be placed before 4:30pm.
                                                    -We accept Venmo
                                                    -Watch for our weekly specials!

                                                    Mondays and Thursdays:

                                                    Saturday Nights:
                                                    Check Facebook page for exact times

                                                    IN THE CHABAD CENTER CAFE
                                                    For special orders call before 4pm:
                                                    (607)-797-0015 ext. 205.

                                                    Check out the “Metropolis Deli;
                                                    Offering the World’s Finest Sandwiches.”

                                                    Open every Tuesday evening,

                                                    at Chabad.
                                                    The quality of a metropolitan styled deli
                                                    in the deep suburbs of Binghamton.

STUDY EXPRESS                                       CHICKEN SOUP

LOOKING FOR QUIET AND                                      FEELING DOWN? SICK?
COMFORT SO YOU CAN ACE THAT TEST?                                     A LITTLE BLUE?

The Chabad Center has it all: comfortable couches,  Contact Chabad for some chicken soup
desks, computers, WIFI equipped, and coffee and               & TLC to pick you right up, at:
cookies in endless supply.                                    

6 Rohr Chabad Center I 420 Murray Hill Road I (607) 797-0015 I
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