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and releasing the tension will restore balance to their growing bodies resulting in less sore, calmer, and happier runners.
The stress of daily training at the track can cause
a horse to become an internal worrier with ulcers, tensing throughout the body and behavioural issues as a result. By releasing that tension and stress the horse becomes happier, calmer and less of a worrier.
Good conformation is usually an early indication of success. Many conformational faults can be attributed to postural compensations. Equi-bow techniques can be effectively applied to address postural issues which can restore conformation and make the horse less susceptible to injury.
Equi-bow techniques are typically performed
once a month to start and when the horse begins to better keep the balance themselves, it can drop to once every 8 weeks. The bene ts of Equi-bow are immediate and horses generally look “zoned out” and calm after their bodies release. A horse will need to process what has happened and realize that they don’t have to compensate for an area that is no longer sore or tight.
Lyndsey Hall began riding horses as a child and
in her mid to late teens was riding thoroughbred racehorses at Ballycroy Training Center. Having completed her schooling at age 21 Lyndsey began working in her  eld as a Physiotherapist at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in the brain injury unit. She was hired to ful l a maternity
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leave contract and at the end of the one year contract Lyndsey, who had always wanted to  nd a way to make a living with horses, attended the 2018 equine career night at the University of Guelph. It was there that she met Cheryl Gibson of Equi-bow Canada
and Judith, the head practitioner at Starline Equine Bodywork. Immediately she knew that this is what she wanted to do and signed up for training. Lyndsey graduated last year as an Equi-bow Consulting Practitioner.
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