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Using Essential Oils for Horses & Pets
Essential oils have been used by humans for health purposes for thousands of years and many have known the bene ts of these natural plant oils using them throughout modern day. In this era of chemically derived pharmaceuticals that suppress the symptoms of ailments, essential oils have made a resurgence and many new users are beginning to integrate essential oils into their daily lives.
All essential oils are not created equal and doing your research is highly recommended to ensure the purity of the oil and also that you are using it safely. Understanding what to look for and knowing which oils are right for you can be daunting especially with the many brands now popping up on store shelves everywhere.
If you want guidance and support from those educated in the use and safety of essential oils, then the educators at the top essential oil brand, doTERRA, are the ones you may want to contact.
Nicole Elliott began using essential oils more than 11 years ago when she was searching to  nd safer cleaning and personal care products for herself. She had heard that tea-tree oil was good for the skin and lavender oil is calming and helps with sleep. She admits that her knowledge of the expansive use of essential oils was limited until four years ago when she attended a doTERRA class. Nicole learned about the company and the difference between doTERRA oils and the other store bought brands.
To purchase doTERRA oils visit and while there you can learn about their growers, the scientists, the practitioners and the distillers.
Some who have already discovered the many bene ts of doTERRA essential oils have also expanded their use to their pets and other animals and Nicole is no exception.
There has been a lot of chatter regarding the safety of essential oils when used within the home of pet owners however when used properly essential oils can provide pets and other animals with an equal amount of bene ts as their human counterparts.
Nicole has introduced essential oils to not only her dogs and cats but to her horses as well following the guidelines of the veterinarians and professionals who use essential oils in their practices.
You have probably witnessed your dog eating grass and according to the suggested reasons for dogs wanting to eat grass may include improving digestion, treating intestinal worms or ful lling some unmet nutritional need.
Animals in the wild will instinctively seek out certain grasses and plants such as fennel, peppermint or
Nicole Elliott with her Thoroughbred ex-racehorse, Bare Is Best, now known as Coors.
Nicole has been riding horses for more than 25 years and had galloped thoroughbred racehorses
at Binmar Stables for close to 9 years.
Nicole’s dog Maya showed she was
not interested in
the Lavender Oil however she showed great interest in
the Jasmine Oil by actively smelling and licking the bottle
ginger to help them with various ailments. Unable to forage on their own or verbally convey their ailments, domesticated animals must rely on their owners and caregivers for their wellbeing. This is when essential oils can be used in a preventative manner to help maintain overall good health and reduce the number of veterinary visits.
Nicole suggests letting the animal choose which essential oils they will tolerate to help with any ailments that may be manifesting unbeknown to their caregivers.
Allow the animal to smell or taste the essential oil from the bottle or a drop of oil in your hand. They may show indifference, or turn and walk away indicating that they likely do not need or will not tolerate that particular oil. If they show a positive response, such as a horse  ipping their lip to their nose, smelling or
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