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licking the bottle or the oil off your hand, then they are telling you it may be something they need or like and it is okay to use.
Nicole stresses that you do not want to force the use of oils on your animals and although they may respond positively to an oil one day they may reject that same oil later that week or month.
Some of the more popular uses of essential oils with horses is for preventative health such as lavender for emotional support, calming of the mind and body and for anxiety. Oils can be used as a  y spray to prevent bug bites. Oils can be applied to skin irritations and there are oils with anti-fungal properties. Oils can help ease joint pain and soothe sore muscles.
While essential oils provide a natural and healthy alternative to synthetic or chemical based products for both people and animals Nicole stresses that education and safety should be a priority when using them.
Nicole can provide you with the support and product knowledge to help you and your animals live a more natural and healthy life.
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Coors showed
a neutral reaction and didn’t mind the  rst oil. Nicole then applied the oil to the spine and massaged
it in.
However the second oil she introduced was a trun- off and she did not apply.
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