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           1  RESERVATION/DEPOSIT/FULL PAYMENT  5  RESPONSIBILITY                            ઐՏጹѶ
                Deposit must be paid upon reservation and the balance   The organizer, GTT, act as an agent for the transportation
            must be paid 35 days prior to departure.   companies, hotels and other principals for the tour   1  ߿ͮ ૊᧚ ᯙ൛
                                             programmes. GTT accepts no responsibility for any loss,     ઐՏௐᮋ̶૊᧚  ᯙ൛வѢԦґ35ܸґᎠ̓nj
                                             injury or damage to you or your belongings or resulting
             DEPOSIT -
                                            directly from any occurances beyond its control including        ૊᧚  Ӭ࿗ѢԦ '*5 ὋڙઐՏௐ̶ຌڃ᠟nj
                                             breakdown in equipment, strikes, theft, delays, medical or
           Full payment upon reservation for FIT booking.
                                             customs regulations, cancellations, change in itinerary of      ᆀር ࠵᣾ ܸ                     RM 500 ඇ̠
           Less than 5 days tour                    RM 500   per person  schedules, etc. Travel documents are the responsibility of         ˋ̍ጲԢఴӜ۪               RM 1000 ඇ̠
           Asean, Regional                            RM 1000 per person  persons taking the tours. The organisers reserve the right to     ་ฮ ጰ᜴П ˖ˋ ˖̍ጹ̍
           Far East, Australia, New Zealand,   alter itineraries. travel arrangements, hotel accommodation
                                                                                     ᭣ฮ ൖฮ ᎾҪ                   RM 3000 ඇ̠
                                                                                
               Middle East, South Africa, Central Asia  reserved etc, if this is necessary or in the case of force      
                                             majeure. The Company reserves the right to cancel land tour
               Europe, USA .................................  RM 3000 per person  prior to departure for any reasons, including insufficient     ӮᎾฮ ԰ࣄ ˖Ꮎฮ ӑൖ     RM 6500 ඇ̠
           South America / Cuba /         number of participants. Should this happen the entire payment
                 Central America ......................       RM 6500 per person  will be refunded without further obligations on the part of the        ኣ᝼᠟   ႁឯᏧᮔ̶ ႁឯՐʶഏʿԺᤝ൛nj
                                             company. GTT also reserves the right to require any individual
            VISA Application Fee        to withdraw from the tour if it is deemed  that  his act or   2  Ԩ๖᠟ ᤝڃ᠟ இయ᠟
                 Must prepaid in full by the applicant & is   conduct is detrimental to or incompatible with the interest,     ᔩࣂઐՏᏪ᤯ᅻԨ๖ ѶᮋᎠ̓੣፝᠟ݟʽ
                    not refundable.          harmony and welfare of other clients and  the tour as a whole      ઐՏՐὋԨ๖                         RM 300 ඇ̠
            2  CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT CHARGE  and GTT shall be under no further liability therafter to any      90 ܸ᤯ᅻԨ๖                       RM 500 ඇ̠ 
                                             such person. No guides, tour leaders or other employees or
                                                                                     60 ܸ᤯ᅻԨ๖                       RM 1000 ඇ̠
            Once booked, a basic administration fee   RM 300 per person  agent of GTT is authourised to commit the company to any         ѢԦґ30ܸ᤯ᅻԨ๖              RM 2000 ඇ̠
                                             liability whatsoever and the company will not be bounded by
            90 days before departure...........  RM 500  per person  any statement or representation unless it is in writing and
            60 days before departure...........  RM 1000 per person  signed by a management executive of the company. The      ӮᎾฮ ˖Ꮎฮڃ ѢԦґ30ܸ᤯ᅻԨ๖100% ඇ̠
                30 days before departure...........  RM 2000 per person  special air ticket issued is based on group travel and         ѢԦґ21ܸ᤯ᅻԨ๖ὋКር஺᠟        50%
                    *South America / Central America  restricted to respective airline.        ѢԦґ࠵̅7ܸ੊఺ᇽࣂԦѢ  Кር஺᠟
              30 days before departure....100% of tour fare  It is strictly non-endorsable, non-refundable and        þ˙ௐᎤࣝᏧ ÿʿԺᤝ᠟nj
            21 days before departure...........  50% of tour fare  non-reroutable. Alteration on the routing or date of travel is at
                                             the passenger's own risk. No refund will be made to any
                less than 7 days or TICKETED.....100% of tour fare  person for unused air-ticket or who do not utilize any meal and
                 No refund is allowed if < NO-SHOW>  sightseeing tour or accommodation not use in part or full.  3  Їቧ஺᠟
                                             #  For disabled/ handicapped individuals passengers, pax     Їቧ஺᠟௦಩૵ˀˏͮ੆̠РၸʶᫍࠆੜͰࠖ᝟ኪnj
            3  CHILD FARE                    should be accompanied by his/her own family relatives for     ωᔩߦቧԵˀʶͮ੆̠Рၸʶੜ Ѷᮋ̶ᮨܰ᠟ၸnj
                Child fare is based on sharing room with two adults.   care-taking.
                A  surcharge will be imposed for a child who occupies a        4  ڠଋຣ᜾߶ଅ
            room with only one adult.        6  TRAVEL INSURANCE                 ڙ̠ஜ࠵᣾  ͮᄉৰхʽ ຣ᜾ᓫᄫԺᑞ߶ଅ֖Ф̴஺ࠆڙՎʶຣ᜾ᢻᤈ
                                                 Compulsory buy travel insurance to safeguard themselves   ᛠnj̾ඇ̠ʶ˓एͮ˝эnj
            4  GROUND TOUR HANDLING          against sickness, loss of money, cancellation, flight delays
             Our company endeavours to provide exclusive ground   or lost baggage.  5  ᠉͉
            handling transportation and sightseeing services.
            However tour members may be placed on a seat-in-coach                ͺ˝˞ҨМՂ ̨ԩᛠር˖ՉᦤआNjᤁᣤ̓᤯МՂኍԩ੫˝̼ူ ా᠉థᬌ
            basis operated by a local < Day Tour > company where                 njࠪவ͉ʹ௃กଌ҃˧ৰх  ΒݟᤁᣤࢹХ੊᝹ܫ૮ڭNjᎱࢹNjϦቊNjढ
            necessary due to insufficient group size.                            ᫽NjӝႤNjึਕ੊๑С్Βኍኍ ᤴ੆ڃտఴᢵჀ͝੊᠈ྫྷ૮ܾ ੊ᄯଋNj
                                                                                 ᫍଋᤴ੆ᛠር˧ఝஇ੊Ԩ๖ኍኍ МՂʶഏ௃ᮋ᠆᠉nj
             Travel Document & Others Informations                               ˞ҨМՂγ႐ాѽ வॸ᜵ௐԺఝஇᛠርᓫᄫNj̓᤯߶ଅNjᮔ߿ᄉᒠࠖኍ
               Assumed those passenger joining our tour have already read, understand and agree the tour informations.  ኍnjωᔩ̠ஜʿᡛጷڃ੊Ф̴ԓځ ఴМՂγథాѽԨ๖͉ʹ஺ᛠڃnj
              #  Duration of tour in terms of DAYS includes day of  departure and day of return, Neither of these are full days.    ڃͳԨ๖Ր Кᦉ஺᠟ڨᤝᤆ МՂࠪ൤௃ᭉ᠆ᡐᤈʶ൥᠉͉njᔩ͉ʹڃտ
                  #  Neither GTT nor its agents shall be or become liable or responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the tour member in connection   ᛠҮ੊ᛠ˝ӿࠎΥ࿀Ф̴ڃտԢஞ˓ڃͳ˧ѽᄝNj֖ះԢለѽ ఴМՂథ
               with any accommodation transportation or any other incidental charges there to resulting directly or indirectly from improper of   ా̽ФᤝѢ஺ᛠڃᏪʿв᠆ᡐФᤝڃ̾Ր˧᠉͉࠭ຣNjᮖ᫲NjФᬷտ੊
               insufficient passport visa or other documents, however arising or rejection of entry port by the relevant authorities and neither GTT nor
               Agents/shall be become liable for any additional expenses or liabilities incurred by the tour member inclusive of any request for refund   ̼ူ̠ڨʿ३΍МՂ๗ˀ͉ʹϗҫnj
               of the tour price paid as a result of the foreging clause.        ᬓМՂክူࡎኣᎷ˧˹᭦஠͇ܰ МՂʿԩ͉ʹ஠ն੊஠͇˧ጝోnj
                 #  No refund value on unutilised sector of air ticket.          ͉ʹڃտவ஺᤬˖ᔩʿԟҪ͉ʹᒠᮻ ຣ᜾᜹Џᓫᄫ੊ͰࠖᏧ ᄊ
              #  Cancellation of tour due visa rejection will be charged service/documentaion fees.  ʿ३ᤝ൛nj͉ʹவ஺᤬˖ల΍ၸ˧఺ᇽ ˶ʿ३ᤝ൛nj஺ር఺ᇽ
                                                                                 ௦ྱѾڃͳ஺ᛠ఺ᇽὋᬌၸவ౼̎ૈ߿ᓇቆМՂ ːሄᤝ൛Njᣀ
                ஺ຣ᝼͇֖Ф̴ጹѶ                                                        ᝧ੊ఝஇᛠር
                   їԟҪ஺ຣڃᏧ  ᜁ᜼˝డጹឳNjူᝌԢՎ਒ՉᮉጹѶnj                                    ஺ርݟਆఝஇᛠር੊ըር௅య Ѷᮋᒬᛠ᠆᠉͉ʹᩱឧNj᮲ᬖnj
                   வѢԦґՉڃԣᮋᮔЎҨݯኣ᝼Ὃ෸᤬வ͉ʹڍࠑݟڃԣځ˓̠ူၿᏪᜁધЙܑὋФ੝ᭉᮨܰ߶ଅ˧ᮻࠖNj̓᤯ኍ᠟ၸКᦉၿФఴ̠᠆᠉njФஉप      þᛠҮ٧Хÿᭉᒬᛠэܫnj
                   ஺ርधݼՐὋᔩథ͉ʹ፝ር੊ٿር఺ᇽ᝹ःၸὋѶ௃ᤝ൛ᇽ͈nj                                                                                   6  ஺ᛠγᬖ
                   ԟҪᏧݟኣ᝼ʿᜁ੺эὋѶᮋᒬ᠟̶థС஠͇੣፝᠟nj                                      ڃտॸᮋ᠓˻˓̠஺ᛠγᬖὋ̾ᆷγᒬᢵᨐ᠈NjჀ჋Njᬣᢵྫྷֵ
                                                                                  ኍ  ᄉ  γ  ᬩ  nj

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