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Hilti TE2-A
• Interior finishing: installing partition walls and suspended ceilings
• Metal fabricators: fastening metal items such as handrails, staircases, sun blinds, barriers, etc.
• Electricians: electrical installation work
Telecom contractors: installing telecom equipment, cables and switchgear
Makita 6217D
• Powerful battery operated drill
• Used to drill into wood and steel
Hilti SF22A
• Driving screws for plastic anchors up to 14 mm diameter
• Driving self-drilling screws up to 1/4" diameter in metal at high speed
• Driving heavy-gauge wood screws
• Fast drilling with high torque in diameters up to 1/2" in metal
Driving self-drilling screws up to 4.8 mm diameter at
high speed in metal
Hilti SD5000
• Fastening drywall boards to metal or wood framing on walls and ceilings
• Fastening metal track to metal track (framing)
• Fastening special drywall panels (e.g. Fermacell) to metal profiles
• Fastening particle board (chipboard) to wood framing

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