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    Fearless Cooking Requires Risk Refer back to Evel Knievel which was men- tioned earlier because you won’t find a bet- ter example of a risk taker than him. Who would have thought you could do what he did with a motorcycle? Yet, he did it and will go down in the history books as a top-rated risk taker. Not a fan of this example, then try on Orville and Wilbur Wright as they went from working on bicycles to aviation history, which they pretty much invented as well. This led to John Glenn orbiting the earth and Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon. What risks do you take when you cook? These risks are why I enjoy ancillaries so much at competitions, it challenges me, in some cases, to cook something I’ve never tried be- fore. One of the risks I enjoy is cooking desserts on the grill and yes, I do have a perfectly fine stove in my kitchen, but that isn’t as much fun. Taking a risk in your cooking will elevate your cooking game to the next level. Fearless Cooking Requires Education Julia Child is a legend in the cooking world not only writing the definitive French cookbook but was a trailblazer in celebrity TV chefs. Loaded down with awards and accolades, one would think she knew everything about cooking, perhaps she did but she didn’t let on like it. I recently came across a quote which opened a brand-new appreciation for her. August 12, 2009 her friend and LA Times food writer, Russ Parsons wrote, "This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knew her well. One of the marvelous things about Julia Child was that even with all of the honors she had earned, she still ap- proached her work with the earnestness (and compet- itiveness) of a beginner. At food conferences, you could always count on her being in the front row tak- ing notes." WOW! Julia Child still wanted to learn how to improve. Education is essential to our fearless cooking. Simply using our grill, smoker or even our kitchen stove to cook the same ole things, means we’ll never become the fearless cooks we can be. Approaching our craft with confidence, taking risks with how and what we cook while educating ourselves to become better is what it takes for fearless cooking.   SEND OUT SMOKE SIGNALS The SPK-500 Mobile offers over 50 sq. ft. of cooking space making it ideal for on-site cooking and catering. This gas rotisserie smoker is the total package between the cooking capacity, price point, and footprint. Family owned and operated, we proudly offer a network of distributors that take care of your Electric, Gas or Mobile configurations from start to finish. Southern Pride smokers are designed with high-quality components that help guarantee a long life, ease of use, accuracy of controls and consistent heat resulting in unmatched, dependable performance every time. Visit us online at today! MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE USA                                SEPTEMBER 2019 - 23 

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