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ful event. But the most important award, the Randy Gille Memorial Award for outstanding service went to J.C. Leininger. “ Randy Gille was an amazing man and BBQ brother who went out of his way to help others,” said Shawn. “When I first started this event and needed to cook massive amounts of BBQ for the thou- sand or so guests that were coming it was Randy Gille who brought down his smoker from L.A. which he manned day and night to help make it all happen. He was a staunch advocate for those in need and went out Turf and Surf BBQ Championship 1st place chicken, 1 place ribs with 180 points and Grand Champion with 705.7028 points; 7-8-9 BBQ of his way to help people. The Randy Gille Memorial award is meant to keep his spirit alive by acknowledg- ing those who have given back through BBQ and dedi- cated service to others.” In keeping with the name Turf & Surf both Tri-Tip and Seafood were part of the $15,000 competition. The BBQ Yard took a first place in Tri-Tip and 7 Sins BBQ took first in Seafood scoring a perfect-perfect 180. 7-8- 9 BBQ took G.C and Burnin and Lootin took RGC.    Turf and Surf BBQ Championship 1st place pork, 1st place brisket, and Reserve Grand Champion; Burnin and Lootin   2019 Team Of The Year Standings As Of 8/18/2019 1) Burnin And Lootin 2) Big Poppa Smokers 3) Simply Marvelous BBQ 4) Ridge Route Boys BBQ 5) Rad Fondo BBQ 6) Mudville BBQ 7) Lady Of Q 8) SMOKEY HOG ISLAND LUV 9) Toot & Stinky’s Cali-Q 10) TEAM WOODSHED  SEPTEMBER 2019 - 25 Turf and Surf BBQ Championship 1st place Tri-Tip; The BBQ Yard Smokin’ Mokers 

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