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sticks out her tiny pink tongue and says, “I am an Ellian.” Not to worry, she comes in peace.
The characters “visit” every once in a while, before going back to where they came from, returning the “real Ellie” to me. Personally, I think all the characters are pieces of the real Ellie. She is brave like Captain Kwazii, cuddly like Alive Teddy, energetic like Dancy the Robot, kind like Squiggle, hungry like Super Worm, and adventurous like the Ellian.
Every last one of her characters brings me joy.
Hello, hello
I’m not where I’m supposed to be I hope that you’re missing me ‘Cause it makes me feel young “Sober Up”, AJR
I walked into the airport carrying my backpack and purse. My brother pulled my enormous white suitcase behind him. I was trying to keep it together, needing to be strong for everyone else. It hadn’t hit them yet, that I was leaving, but it had hit me. Over and over until I wondered if I had any tears left to cry about it.
I looked at my brothers after I got my tickets. Lincoln, ready to be the oldest sibling. Levi, not fully aware that this was it. And Ellie, big blue eyes staring up at me. She wore a white jumper with bright, colorful flowers patterned all over it. Her hair was messy; we didn’t brush it that morning.
That morning. She spread Nutella between two tiny pancakes and put strawberries and blueberries on top of them and gave me my favorite breakfast of all time. I’d had chicken and waffles from Spokane, dozens of hotel breakfasts, and even a breakfast buffet with Disney characters, but nothing quite gave me the joy that those packaged pancakes from the pan- try gave me. She made me want to smile and cry, that warm sunrise feeling welling up inside me again. Joy is dangerous. I gave her a hug. I walked through security, tears dripping down my face as I tried to remember what electronics I had in my bags. I waved at them from the windows, watching her little form against my mom. She waved, tears dribbling down her cheeks too. Then I turned around the last corner, and I didn’t go back.
Oh no, don’t throw out my legos
What if I can’t let go?
What if I come back home, back home? “Don’t Throw Out My Legos,” AJR
Friends break up, friends get married Strangers get born, strangers get buried Trends change, rumors fly
Through new skies
But I’m right where you left me
“right where you left me - bonus track”, Taylor Swift

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