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 Forget Me Not
By Elizabeth Currier
I’m so sorry
Please forgive me
For what I’m going to do when I don’t remember you Remember when we were together
Those memories will last forever
For when I leave I’m not truly gone
My voice will live in your heart like the melody of your favorite song
By Mia Brinton
 By Emiley Ereth
The Coming of Fall
By Elena Shuber
I’m sitting in a damp forest, something I have not done
in a very long time. It’s muddled with sweet and a bit of sour, devoid of human noise. Occasionally a car ruins the bubble, cast by song and green and sunlight. It finally feels like fall today, you know that one day at the end of August where the light slants a little more, tinted slightly more golden? It won’t last long, the crisp tease of the silk wind, but it gives me something to grasp, to hold as a bridge that will eventually cross the river of summer and into the ocean of fall.

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