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Happy Years
By Morgan Kaufman and Jordan Hewitt
The world around flashes before your eyes
Life and death will catch you by surprise
Hopes and dreams vanish before you can count Despair and dread have an endless amount Your face is the things you hide behind
Your soul holds the real truth inside
Your smile is a frown that never changes Your eyes see through all your stages
The horror and sadness of your youth Many people never knowing the truth
The rain will pour like your tears
Just how the memories tend to smear Decisions rely on your piers
But you have to remember the happy years
The Mind of a Poet
By Andy Roberts
I spent hours,
Trying to pour my soul into this writing,
Only for those in power,
To decide whether or not my work is delighting.
Writing for some faceless person to judge, Whether or not my writing is even good,
Or at least good enough.
Just so my writing can get misunderstood!
Poets spend so much time spilling their soul, Into stanzas and lines,
Just for people to call them overzealous fools! Just for students to be forced to read and whine!
They spill out their darkest thoughts,
Just for teachers to assign their work as homework. How someone feels isn’t something that can just be taught,
Because everyone has their own secret quirks.
So if I decide to send this,
If this gets published,
My dear reader please stay in ignorant bliss. Unless you want your thoughts to be tarnished.
Do not try to understand me.
Don’t try to understand what I mean in this poem,
For the inside of my head isn’t something you can just see. So just know you’ll never truly understand this poem.
By Mahana Mobley
  By Dawson Oclander

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